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Fall of Folkvar

Fall of Folkvar
I shall tell you of the death of Folkvar for I was there at the end. His beginnings are widely known and so that story I will leave for others. And who am I? I have been Folkvar’s packmate for eight years and watched his saga grow such that many nights telling are needed to hear only the least that is known to most. My greatest honour and regret is that I lived where Folkvar died. His story is mine to tell but rather would I have died alongside the greatest hero of the Nation.

It was here in Griffon that heralds brought us news of the assault of Manticore on the far side of the Peripheries. We were told that warriors in vast numbers appeared from nowhere, forming up and attacking mere hours after a declaration of war by the treacherous Stellar Empire of humanity. I would rip the spine from their cowardly emperor hiding with his mewling pups in the dark reaches of their Empire if ever the opportunity arose.

Folkvar called the assembly to silence, the empathic wave of chastisement reaching to all levels of the chamber. Hundreds bowed their heads while those closest dropped to their haunches such was the power in that command.

He alone stood looking at the screens ignoring all and for some moments making his decision before asking the trusted packleaders their opinion. Such was his way. To decide on a course of action but before giving orders determine who was of a similar mind. Only then would he announce roles. For those that desired the same ends he allocated the tasks with the greatest glory but for others, minor roles best served by those that were cursed to survive battle to their old years or cubs untested in combat. He was wise in this for in this way only those that shared his vision carried with them his honour. Previous lords trusted to their fiercest or wiliest generals but in so doing always personal glory for the general crept in at the cost of honour. How can a lord trust a general that would put his own glory and life before that of his packlord?

To those that yelped at the might of the humans and called to abandon the world so far away and pull back to the far side of the stargate were given the tasks of trading and ferrying ammo to rendezvous points. Unknown to them remained the plans of Folkvar. To others, including his chosen Skold and Brenna were given the glory as to them fell the honour of holding back the tide until Folkvar arrived.

Many did not understand Folkvar’s true intent as at the time he merely called, ‘’Bring my armour and prepare my Direwolf. We leave by nightfall.”
Most thought that he would command the fleet in harrying the enemy forces while the defenders of Manticore were pulled out. None foresaw his true ambition except maybe Brenna.

The Direwolf on which we crossed the black gulf was an ancient craft, built in the twilight time of the Nation in its zenith. By what techniques our ancestors crafted its hulls and armour none now truly understand. We liken it to the feral pack beasts of our beloved forests. Smaller than their prey but tougher and more cunning, driving the prey, cornering it and bringing it down.

Rumours abound that one day we may be able to recreate the technology of our forebears and that we should hoard our fleet, hiding them miserly but that is not the way of the Dewiek Nation. Even if we never do, we would rather each ship ended gloriously returning to the black and dust of stars from which they were made.

Folkvar addressed us all once we reached Solo, ‘’Brothers,” for that is how he addressed us before battle. It is something he never lost from the time we wrestled with other packs in the drinking halls of our youth. He may have been so far above us in glory but in battle he seemed to elevate us to his level, “What are we?”
“We are dewiek,” we chorused.
“Who are we?”
“We are the Nation.”
“Who leads you?”
“Folkvar, Folkvar, Folkvar”
“Will we let the Stellar Empire take Solo from us?”
“No, No, No...”
We dewiek have never been ones for long speeches. We don’t waste time on unnecessary words when all can feel what the packlord feels.
“Then sharpen your claws and prepare for battle, we go to join our Brothers in Manticore. We take fight to them.”

Only then did we realise that Folkvar would be leading the reinforcements. Even now I doubt anybody questioned the action. No, there was a stampede to the bays and armaments lockers as we tried to gear up and be first to fall in behind Folkvar.

The ship descended at full velocity, punching through the clouds and dropping straight into the middle of the starport. Full retro-burn sent shivers through the ship and squealing metal drowned out the noise of a full assault. At this point, most of us were on our hind quarters, taking the shock of full deceleration through our suit servos. Not Folkvar though. He had already demagnetised his boots so that when the bay doors opened still at some distance from the ground he was able to leap, snarling, directly into the fray. By the time we caught up, his power claws and heavy blaster had already cleared a beachhead.

With cries of ‘for Folkvar, for the Nation’ battle with the Stellar Empire of humanity was joined and there surrounded by hundreds that had fallen to his talons the Legend that is Folkvar died.

Is open for business...
***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Wimbles Crisis Solved ***

The Wimble Crisis of 217 has come to an end with the human Baron making way to the wimble Grandfather Paden Mastaak. Celebrations were held in Wimbledon upon the news with crack teams of Wimble security staff guarding all the pies.

It’s unclear how long the Wimbles will enjoy this new era of peace and self-determination.

Vocal Wimble Dinasha, one of Paden’s early backers, has chosen this precarious moment to bait Dewiek, Flagritz and humans who were initially disposed to be friendly to the new administration. Whilst the Wimbles' history with the former-slave-loving Flagritz could be understood, their animosity towards the Dewiek and humans was more mysterious. One insider alluded to a rise in the number of cases of foot-and-mouth across the herd as being a likely cause.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * Storm in a Teacup *** Yahn Bares All * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door ***

The stargates are closed! Reports from multiple sources indicate at least three of the stargates, all within Dewiek controlled systems, have been closed.

Two different sources have indicated that the TCA have been spotted recently in a number of systems and may be behind this turn of events. A scan sent to the SSS indicated eight TCA ships were recently spotted first in the Faery system and later near the Kasmer stargate.

Another source, suspiciously put the blame on the ARC, suggesting the ARC and DEN were working together because they “need to trap [the TCA] and try and finish them off after the DEN bodged their operation to protect the ARC while they incinerated the MEK homeworld, which ended up with several ARC ships being destroyed and the job only being half done."

However, with no public statement from the Dewiek themselves, its hard to know whether these rumours are reliable.

Lord Igor of the Dominion and Erasmus Andersen of the Garcia Family both offered public apologies at the delay in meeting their trade commitments because of the recent closures. The not-so-subtle subtext being that someone will pay with blood for this interference in their business. Or at least with a stealthy price rise.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * Wimble Civil Strife * Who Sniffs the Sniffers? * Largin’ It * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Videtis quantum scelus contra rem publicam vobis nuntiatum sit? ***

The Flagritz Empire is no more! The Flagritz Republic is reborn! Quick on the heel of the collapse of the Empire, the Fessin caste declared a new era of foreign and economic policy with a rapid withdrawal behind the Black Gate.

The new ecologically-friendly Prime Minister Kayxaer, asked for patience as “economic” reforms were undertaken. It remains to be seen whether there will be any price to pay for the dramatic changes being made by the reclusive Flagritzi or whether it will all be sunshine and rainbows going forward.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * Large at Large * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Bravo for Freedom ***

Naplian Forces have attacked three human pirate outposts in the Morroglyph system. A spokesperson for Naplia HQ told the press that the plucky duct-tape loving free people would continue their war against slavers and pirates in their home periphery.

One salty Naplian libertarian told the SSS, “The people of the Naplian Home Periphery are sick and tired of human criminals coming here just because their homeworld is an overcrowded hell. It’s time for them to go back home.”

Inside this issue of the SSS: * Igor of Fang and Horns * Admiral Loves Dick Turpin * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

.What is It?
..a wOrmhOle?.
…No.. worse..
….the KANG singularity!…
…..It pulls us IN…..
……lOOks sO familiar……
…….yet so strange…….
……..what is……..

*** Flagritz Liberalise Economy ***

In good news for all the galaxy the Flagritzi have vowed to liberate all slaves across their Empire. Furthermore, the hectapods have given up eating other sentient species; taking up a strict diet of veganism and soy chai lattes. Sales of turtle neck sweaters and Forbidden Fruit laptops have skyrocketed.

The news was cautiously welcomed by the benevolent Felini Tyranny who looked forward to reducing the War phase of their daily Nap-Lick-Nap-War-Nap-Eat-Sleep cycle to a perfunctory forty winks.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * Baron Womble * A Short History of the DPP * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Empire Strikes: Solo ***

A massive fleet of some 1600 warships, including large numbers of super-heavy capital 300 and 400 hullers, attacked the DEN in the Solo system, catching them with their metaphorical pants down. The DEN gate platform and some two hundred DEN freighters were subject to antimatter missiles amongst other high tech ordinance.

Jack the lad, Viceroy of the Empire, claimed a victory for freedom and the Imperial (right of) way leaving the sullen Dewiek unusually unresponsive.

With DOM platforms firing on CIA ships, will the IMP now demand the DOM add them to the Do Not Fire lists as well? And what exactly is the nature of the DOM and DEN alliance in light of the sustained attack from the Empire? And will the DEN’s alien friends stand idly by as the Empire fleet camps in the vital gate system of Solo? How will the DEN retaliate for this action or are they ready to roll over and have their bellies rubbed?

All this remains unknown. All that is certain is the “feel good” factor across the DTR has increased, with citizens reassured that for some time yet, they may continue in their slumber with the easy assurance that their number is not coming up anytime soon.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * New BHD Guy * DOM Statement * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** To Ur Is Dewiek ***

Dewiek forces had a hefty smackdown against the mysterious living ships known as the T’Cath (TCA). Seven adult TCA 400 hull capital ships, each firing eight of their notorious plasma cannons, were killed by a DEN and DOM fleet of some 700 ships.

Of the minimal losses suffered by the DEN / DOM, one-eyed Magnus and Nevets Motnhap of the FEL were amongst the dead.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * Caribbean Congo Continues * Ur Witness Report * * Hive Briefing * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** The Long Quiet Season ***

There’s no sound of anger or of annoyance,
There’re neither cruisers racing on the jump lanes
Nor there jump lanes for them to race on,
There’re neither monks chanting on the battlegrounds
Nor bells calling us to the True One.
There’s neither the lightning cracking of the sky
Nor the persistent Naplians pattering on my roof.
There’s no Dewiek arm in arm to admire the magnificent view
There’re no war drums to feed Human ears
Nor Hive sirens to steal the boredom away
There’s no unfamiliar wing creeping underneath the Falconian sun
Nor floods to enshroud the Aquaphid grounds
The land lies lonely out here
On this lazy summer’s day
There’s no pollution to poison the airs of Inversion
Nor forests to give them life
All I hear is the hushing sound of the wind
Assisting the sand to fall into beautiful undulations.

Whilst we’ve been away: * Operation Giantslayer * Naplian Liberation * Back in the DTTR * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Falconians Saved ***

The Imperials have cunningly saved the Falconian Republic from being consumed by the Dewiek Elder Nation and at no small cost to the DEN either. Whilst the new pro tem Consul crowed about the “victory”, all former FCN systems besides Acropolis have been taken over by the two warring Empires - Human and Flagritz.

Was it all worth it? For the IMP / GTT it clearly was, for the movement of a few hundred thousand troops is surely nothing to the cost they endured trying to and failing to knock the DEN out of Solo after the fact. The FCN now plucked off most of their navy and wider assets are a tiny nothing of their former self. The DEN may have resorted to some dirty namecalling but can the costs endured to save an enfeebled FCN have really been worth it? Time will tell.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * INDignation * FELicitous Caribbean * Nah Plan for Naplia * Mercs Trouble DEN * &etc


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I’ve played on and off for approximately 10 years, over a 20 year spell. After some interesting debate on the in-game forum, I did wonder what, exactly, has kept drawing me back to the game, when for so many others I’ve generally lost interest after a few months.

Ultimately, I think it is a combination of automation (that allows the game to handle thousands of positions to interact on a daily basis) coupled with Special Actions (that allow the story arc to develop in a way that could not be catered for by a set of predefined list of available orders).