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Raiders of the Imperial Periphery (17)
Code RIP
Description The peripheries are a vast, dark expanse, filled with amoral mercenaries willing to shoot, step on or sell out anyone and anything in order to make enough stellars for a depraved session of sin in their notorious hives of scum and villainy. Some of those people aren’t actually in the RIP, but that’s usually because they were a bit conservative for our liking.

The RIP are dedicated to freedom; the freedom for you to do what you want, and get paid for it. We have the ships, starbases and strippers to give any captain the opportunity to make their mark on the universe, even if that mark is offensive to seven species.
Profile Options
Relations change time 0 days
Maximum single change in relations 6 level
Can attack positions in Darkspace/Contested/Borderland/Developing/Core systems
Can not drop relations below neutral No
Can use Posted Lists of Any posted list
Can own systems Yes
Affiliation and allies can attack registered Bases Yes
Time to revoke base registration 0 days
Can attack friends Via Exclusion Zone and Systems Charters
Can attack allies Via Exclusion Zone and Systems Charters
Can use pirate ships Yes
Can use mercenary ships Yes
Can use privateer ships Yes
Can use free trader ships Yes
Player owned positions can use their affiliation flag Yes
Can use WoMD Anywhere
Can develop WoMD Yes
Can ally with affiliations that use WoMD Yes
Can use slaves Yes
Can use indentured workers Yes
Can use POW workers Yes
No cost to have relations to the affiliation No
Can attack own affiliation No
Sub affiliations (PRV/MRC/etc) can use parent affiliation knowledge No
Relations required to buy positions in our space Friendly/Allied
Reciprocates friendly relations if neutral No