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Flagritz Republic (47)
Code FLZ
Description Unfairly maligned for the occasional sentient snack and utterly alien in temperment, the Flagritz are an ancient polymorphic species of tentacles and slime that defy easy description and the source of much of Lovecraft's work. Forever divided into three castes-- Cliriq (War), Fessin (Prosperity), and Xenos (Isolation), the Flagritz have forever had a chaotic foreign policy.

Originally a Democracy under the Fessin, they peacefully expanded into the peripheries where they came in contact with the Letum. Trade blossomed, only to have the Letumese turn and attempt to conquer the Flagritz in a surprise attack. Enraged, the Cliriq seized control of the levers of power and utterly annihilated the Letumese and their planet. For the next eighty years, the Flagritz expanded as Empire under the leadership of the War party, eventually being betrayed by their own hubris when they attempted to overwhelm the Felini home world of Leonis. A resurgent Empire eventually recovered and resumed expansion, only to be forestalled by other powers that had arisen in the peripheries.

Through an improbable series of events, eighty years of Empire have come to an end. The Fessin (Prosperity) faction have returned to power, declared a restored Republic, and have instituted dramatic changes in Flagritz foreign and internal policy, recalling their fleets and reducing tensions with the Imperium and the Felini Tyranny.
Profile Options
Relations change time 5 days
Maximum single change in relations 1 level
Can attack positions in Nowhere
Can not drop relations below neutral No
Can use Posted Lists of Any posted list
Can own systems Yes
Affiliation and allies can attack registered Bases No
Time to revoke base registration 10 days
Can attack friends Never
Can attack allies Never
Can use pirate ships Yes
Can use mercenary ships Yes
Can use privateer ships Yes
Can use free trader ships Yes
Player owned positions can use their affiliation flag Yes
Can use WoMD On dead worlds
Can develop WoMD Yes
Can ally with affiliations that use WoMD Yes
Can use slaves Yes
Can use indentured workers No
Can use POW workers Yes
No cost to have relations to the affiliation No
Can attack own affiliation No
Sub affiliations (PRV/MRC/etc) can use parent affiliation knowledge No
Relations required to buy positions in our space Friendly/Allied
Reciprocates friendly relations if neutral No