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Caliphate (65)
Code CAL
Description The Caliphate is built upon the strong foundations of the Confederacy with the burden of its history. It has ended the wrongful practice of slavery and most of its borders are open to trade. Diplomacy has replaced reflexive xenophobia; closed-mindedness has given way to the rule of law.

The Caliphate is a constitutional monarchy, replacing years of military dictatorship with an elected system of government. The Caliphate (CAL) affiliation is both executive branch and military of the bloc, which comprises CAL, CIA and BHD.

The Majlis, house of our legislature, gives every star system a voice in proportion to its contribution to the Caliphate. The Brotherhood ensures the moral path is taken by holding a third of available seats in the Majlis.

Caliph Samuel is the sovereign of our realm, but he relies on the Vizier, his faithful first minister, to act as voice of the Caliphate and head of its armed forces.

The Caliphate calls upon Emirs to govern its many star systems, Generals to lead its armies and Admirals to command its navies. Our mandate extends through four Peripheries, and we are the guardians of Sol, birthplace of humanity.
Profile Options
Relations change time 0 days
Maximum single change in relations 1 level
Can attack positions in Darkspace/Contested systems
Can not drop relations below neutral No
Can use Posted Lists of Own, allied and friendly affiliations
Can own systems Yes
Affiliation and allies can attack registered Bases No
Time to revoke base registration 10 days
Can attack friends Via Exclusion Zone and Systems Charters
Can attack allies Never
Can use pirate ships No
Can use mercenary ships Yes
Can use privateer ships Yes
Can use free trader ships Yes
Player owned positions can use their affiliation flag Yes
Can use WoMD In space
Can develop WoMD Yes
Can ally with affiliations that use WoMD Yes
Can use slaves No
Can use indentured workers No
Can use POW workers No
No cost to have relations to the affiliation No
Can attack own affiliation No
Sub affiliations (PRV/MRC/etc) can use parent affiliation knowledge Yes
Relations required to buy positions in our space Allied
Reciprocates friendly relations if neutral No