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De neo-Naplian Alliantsie (66)
Code DNA
Description We show pride at being a Free Naplian faction. Neo-Naplianism is both a technological uplifting and a return to our native spiritual roots. It is a blending of cultures; a mosaic of locals.

Originally, the DNA was a collective for a group of natives or alien sentient species spread across the entire regions of space. It has been known by the names: Democratic Native Alliance, and Democratic Naplian Alliance, until lack of leadership was about to spell the demise of the affiliation. Late in the year 217, the IND DPP political movement, after having proven its abilities in providing a transitional government for the WMB, managed to take control of the handful of remaining outposts, crumbling ships, and some debris fields scattered about the dark peripheries. The DNA's name was changed to Displaced Natives Asylum. The late Executive Director Yahn Wodenzoon brought the aff to prominence with his flamboyant diplomacy, and even managed to mediate the Solo Peace Treaty between the IMP and DEN, before being assassinated for his efforts in Venasporia.

The aff name was changed again, to its current De neo-Naplian Alliantsie, to highlight the neo-naplian social experiment. Our efforts are heavily focused on the South Road from Outer Naplia (Capellan) into the Transpiral. The South Road extends from KAS Yank via DNA Aladdin to IND Venasporia.

The DNA is a strong proponent of inter-aff co-operation and peaceful coexistence.
Being a poor aff, foreign aid is always welcome. A special thanks to our donors, great and small!
Donations may be made to: DNA POLITICAL Harff Max'onn (37754), President of the DNA.

For contact with the aff: Chairman TonTon, DNA Foreign Minister (NexusID: DNA people)
Profile Options
Relations change time 5 days
Maximum single change in relations 1 level
Can attack positions in Darkspace/Contested systems
Can not drop relations below neutral No
Can use Posted Lists of Own affiliation
Can own systems Yes
Affiliation and allies can attack registered Bases No
Time to revoke base registration 10 days
Can attack friends Never
Can attack allies Never
Can use pirate ships No
Can use mercenary ships Yes
Can use privateer ships Yes
Can use free trader ships Yes
Player owned positions can use their affiliation flag Yes
Can use WoMD Anywhere
Can develop WoMD Yes
Can ally with affiliations that use WoMD Yes
Can use slaves No
Can use indentured workers Yes
Can use POW workers Yes
No cost to have relations to the affiliation No
Can attack own affiliation No
Sub affiliations (PRV/MRC/etc) can use parent affiliation knowledge Yes
Relations required to buy positions in our space Friendly/Allied
Reciprocates friendly relations if neutral No