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The Star Kingdom of Wakeria (85)
Code SKW
Description Wakerians are fur-covered bipeds with short, webbed wings along their upper limbs. They give birth to live young and live in large, polygamous family units. Originally a single species, at some point in the distant past the main evolutionary branch diverged into two distinct variants, the Rhochera (Rho) and the Yinochera (Yino).

Both species evolved to live in vast underground caverns with little light, using a combination of subsonic echo location and olfactory perception to navigate and, in more primitive times, hunt. They long ago swapped the blood of captured prey for the juices of water algae blended with cave moss.

Prior to the awakening the Wakerians lived in tribal colonies that competed for hunting grounds and later on, agricultural territory. A feudal patriarchy bound by extended kinship broods led to bloody wars as their ability to use tools improved. Then the Awakened One arrived and upended the entire societal structure.

The philosophy of the Awakened One does not consist of a deistic entity nor any notion of an afterlife, except through the absorption of the self by those left behind, within their memories and their physical bodies through the ingestion of the deceased. Only through a harmonious existence can peace of mind and spirit be achieved.

This idyllic existence lasted for several thousand solar cycles before the incident that destroyed Wakeria. The Wakerians learned of their impending doom in enough time to evacuate as many people as they could in whatever craft they could rapidly make space worthy. However, the knowledge contained in their vast universities and most of their great industries were lost. The cause of their doom would only be discovered when they made contact with the unwitting instigators of the destruction of their homeworld.
Profile Options
Relations change time 5 days
Maximum single change in relations 1 level
Can attack positions in Darkspace/Contested systems
Can not drop relations below neutral Yes
Can use Posted Lists of Own affiliation
Can own systems Yes
Affiliation and allies can attack registered Bases No
Time to revoke base registration 10 days
Can attack friends Never
Can attack allies Never
Can use pirate ships No
Can use mercenary ships Yes
Can use privateer ships Yes
Can use free trader ships Yes
Player owned positions can use their affiliation flag Yes
Can use WoMD On dead worlds
Can develop WoMD Yes
Can ally with affiliations that use WoMD Yes
Can use slaves No
Can use indentured workers No
Can use POW workers No
No cost to have relations to the affiliation No
Can attack own affiliation No
Sub affiliations (PRV/MRC/etc) can use parent affiliation knowledge Yes
Relations required to buy positions in our space Friendly/Allied
Reciprocates friendly relations if neutral No