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Hiport (1016)
Name Hiport
Number 1016
Type Complex
Mus 1000 mus
Production 1000
Area 5000
Defence 100
Race Sentient
Subtype Hiport
Tech level 1
Raw Materials 25 Structural Module (420)
Tech Manual Complexes are basically a collection of prepared and secured modules that have been specialised.
A hiport is constructed from fine carbon-60 polymers. These form a lighter than air 'rope' that is anchored to the world and stretches into orbit. Lifts are attached to the line and run up and down between the orbit and the starbase.
This is used to allow positions in orbit to transfer items to and from a starbase.

Domes, caves, command, mines, hiports, orbital docks, terraforming and bunkers do not count towards enclosed space requirement.
Infrastructure Type None
Infra Enviroment Type None
Active Work Hours 500
Inactive Work Hours 50
Last Changed 08/12/2008