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Cave (1021)
Name Cave
Number 1021
Type Complex
Mus 1000 mus
Production 1000
Defence 8000
Race Sentient
Subtype Cave
Damage Resistance 20
Tech level 1
Raw Materials 25 Rock Structural Module (430)
Explosive Damage 500
Tech Manual These hide the starbase from orbital scans and give some measure of protection. Should they be destroyed, they have a tendancy to collapse on whatever was within them. Many worlds have geology which is incompatible with cave excavation preventing their construction.

Domes, caves, command, mines, hiports, orbital docks, terraforming and bunkers do not count towards enclosed space requirement.
Infrastructure Type None
Infra Enviroment Type None
Active Work Hours 0
Inactive Work Hours 0
Last Changed 08/12/2008