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Gatling Laser (215)
Name Gatling Laser
Number 215
Type Point Defence Weapon
Mus 10 mus
Production 10
Point Defence Shots 10
Race Sentient
Subtype Normal
Substitute Item Gatling Laser mkII (216)
Substitute Ratio 1
Crew Factors 2
Tech level 1
Raw Materials 8.5 Metals (1)
1 Basic Elements (2)
0.5 Pulac (21)
Armour Factor 0.1
Accuracy 20
Damage 1
Tech Manual Low power lasers that are used to blind missiles and space fighters making them ineffective. They are not of any use against more sophisticated sensors used by ships and starbases.
Infrastructure Type None
Infra Enviroment Type None
Last Changed 17/09/2008
Item Market 2 Markets