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Cave Weed (30256)
Name Cave Weed
Number 30256
Type Plant
Mus 1 mus
Production 1
Race Sentient
Subtype None
Lifeform 1
Tech level 1
Explosive Damage 3
Tech Manual Cave weed can be used to produce a self sustaining breathable atmosphere on a world which originally had CO2 by converting it into oxygen and liberating nitrogen. The temperature has to be sufficient to allow plant life.
Optimum amount is 100mu's per sector (300 per mountains sectors but 0 per sea sector). It normally takes 2 years to convert all CO2 into N2/O2 for a world with 5 optical depth (minimum optical depth for a breathable atmosphere). This is the equivalent to changing 100 atmospheric parts/week.
Infrastructure Type None
Infra Enviroment Type None
Last Changed 05/09/2016