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Rock Structural Module (430)
Name Rock Structural Module
Number 430
Type Module
Mus 500 mus
Production 40
Area 40
Defence 40
Race Sentient
Subtype None
Substitute Item Fixed Structural Module (431)
Substitute Ratio 1
Tech level 1
Raw Materials 500 Basic Elements (2)
Tech Manual Rock structural modules fashioned from natural rock strata are heavy. As such they are unsuitable for transportation. They are normally considered natural resources used in cave construction on account of their relatively low tensile strength. Typically, they are most produced by resource complexes from planetary rock rather than through factory production.
NB. Certain natural plants are exploited for timber that can be fashioned into structural modules. As modern materials are much lighter than natural ones, timber modules are generally classified as rock structural modules rather than structural modules. This is simply due to the mass of timber that is required to produce a module.
Infrastructure Type Structural
Infra Enviroment Type None
Infrastructure Value 50
Infrastructure Max % 100 %
Last Changed 08/05/2014
Item Market 7 Markets