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Naplian Veteran Scout (563)
Name Naplian Veteran Scout
Number 563
Type Troop
Mus 1 mus
Production 1
Defence 2
Crew Factors 2
Race Naplian
Subtype Scout
Damage Resistance 2
Lifeform 1
Veteran Yes
Tech level 1
Blueprint VETERANS - NEVER GIVE OUT! (10500) [Tech Tree]
Move Rate 100 tus
Move Type Ground
Blast Radius 0
Accuracy 8
Damage 2
Range Short
Prefered Spread Disperse
Control 2 Factors
Tech Manual They have been specifically trained in reconnaissance and surveillance. Crew factors are reduced for the purposes of using alien technology.
Security Factors 16
Infrastructure Type None
Infra Enviroment Type None
Last Changed 02/05/2012