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Native Employee (691)
Name Native Employee
Number 691
Type Employee
Mus 1 mus
Production 1
Work Hours 30
Race Sentient
Subtype Efficient
Lifeform 1
Tech level 1
Fixed Yes
Tech Manual Native Employee, as with Naplian Employee is actually the generic name for aliens indigenous to the Peripheries with the capability of working in a starbase. The are however more primitive than the Naplians. Naplians invariably covers species of sentient aliens with the technological capability of interplanetary flight (even if they do not do so). Natives is a step below this level. This is reflected in their reduced work hours.
They work for 30 hours per week (based on the standard week of 5 days, each 45 hours long).
They can however be paid less if others are.

They should not be removed from their homeworld.
Infrastructure Type None
Infra Enviroment Type None
Last Changed 28/02/2008