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Normal Hull (70)
Name Normal Hull
Number 70
Type Ship Hull
Mus 100 mus
Production 200
Defence 75
Integrity Mod x1.00
Race Sentient
Subtype Normal
Substitute Item Normal Hull mkII (71)
Substitute Ratio 1
Cargo Space 50 mus
Cargo Type Normal
Tech level 1
Raw Materials 85 Metals (1)
30 Basic Elements (2)
45 Hydrocarbons (3)
40 Thorlium (20)
Tech Manual Composed of laminate sheets of metals and thorlium with smaller internal regions and bulkheads, the hulls are both structurally strong and fairly resilient to damage.
Infrastructure Type None
Infra Enviroment Type None
Last Changed 04/07/2008
Item Market 2 Markets