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Native Troop (703)
Name Native Troop
Number 703
Type Troop
Mus 1 mus
Production 1
Crew Factors 1
Race Sentient
Subtype Basic
Lifeform 1
Tech level 1
Move Rate 100 tus
Move Type Ground
Fixed Yes
Blast Radius 0
Accuracy 6
Damage 1
Range Short
Prefered Spread Close
Control 1 Factors
Tech Manual They are generally concerned with protecting their primitive settlements. They are generally spear-chucking, superstitious xenophobes.
They cannot be trained at all (Iat least it is not worth the exhaustive use of techs to do so).
Note that they can only be used on the world where they were found. They may be downgraded to natives if they are within a starbase on an alien world.
Security Factors 16
Infrastructure Type None
Infra Enviroment Type None
Last Changed 13/02/2009