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Battle Tank (825)
Name Battle Tank
Number 825
Type Vehicle
Mus 40 mus
Production 40
Defence 100
Race Sentient
Subtype Normal
Substitute Item Battle Tank mkII (826)
Substitute Ratio 1
Cargo Space 3 mus
Cargo Type Life
Tech level 1
Raw Materials 25 Metals (1)
15 Basic Elements (2)
Move Rate 4 tus
Move Type Ground
Blast Radius 0.25
Accuracy 8
Damage 40
Range Sector
Prefered Spread Open
Control 4 Factors
Tech Manual It is standard ground combat vehicle. The name covers any number of variations and weaponry.
Infrastructure Type Military
Infra Enviroment Type None
Infrastructure Value 35
Infrastructure Max % 5 %
Last Changed 10/05/2014
Item Market 1 Markets