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Robotic Defence Bunker (840)
Name Robotic Defence Bunker
Number 840
Type Vehicle
Mus 20 mus
Production 20
Defence 80
Race Sentient
Subtype Normal
Substitute Item Robotic Defence Bunker mkII (841)
Substitute Ratio 1
Combat Type Defensive
Tech level 1
Raw Materials 20 Metals (1)
Blast Radius 0.2
Accuracy 8
Damage 15
Range Sector
Attacks 2
Tech Manual Robotic Defence Bunkers are automated installations that are used to defend a position during ground assault. They cannot be used offensively.
Infrastructure Type Military
Infra Enviroment Type None
Infrastructure Value 15
Infrastructure Max % 10 %
Last Changed 29/10/2019
Item Market 2 Markets