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Platform Hull (90)
Name Platform Hull
Number 90
Type Platform Hull
Mus 100 mus
Production 200
Defence 400
Shield Factors 30 Factors
Shield Recharge 0.75 Factors / Round
Race Sentient
Subtype Standard
Substitute Item Platform Hull mkII (91)
Substitute Ratio 1
Cargo Space 50 mus
Cargo Type Normal
Tech level 1
Raw Materials 90 Metals (1)
30 Basic Elements (2)
30 Hydrocarbons (3)
50 Thorlium (20)
Tech Manual Platform hulls do not need to perform as many functions as those destined to be incorporated into ships. As such they can be designed to contain a larger volume.
These generate 10 deflector factors per platform hull.
Infrastructure Type None
Infra Enviroment Type None
Last Changed 14/12/2018