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Stargate Key - Valhalla (961)
Name Stargate Key - Valhalla
Number 961
Type Stargate Key
Mus 1 mus
Production 200
Race Sentient
Subtype Normal
Area Modifier 10
Crew Factors 1
Tech level 1
Blueprint Stargate Key - Valhalla (10961) [Tech Tree]
Raw Materials 15 Metals (1)
10 Precious Metals (25)
5 Celesium (33)
Tech Manual Used to enter a specific stargate by creating subspace activation harmonics. These are based on the resonance of unique exotic molecular lattices. Key production processes involve nuclear bombardment of the raw materials in order to form exotic atomic structures. The by-products have no commercial value.
Infrastructure Type None
Infra Enviroment Type None
Last Changed 05/09/2017
Item Market 1 Markets