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FRE Opportunity Centre (10820)
Location: Yank (146) on Mobile Bay (676)
Orbital Dock Capacity: 200 Hulls
Hiports Available: 1
Maintenance Complexes:
Hull Patch Price: 0 Stellars
Welcome to Opportunity Centre, originally established by the IDC, the base has been through different owners over the years. The COD and USN (renamed Mobile Base during this period) have both had time in control. The IDC then resumed ownership of the base and continued some of the work commenced by former occupants. Opportunity Centre is now Free Trade. The Market will ebb and flow as is natural but will be established. Keep an eye out for cheap deals, though we have to make a living, so these will be few and far between....
Sell Item Buy
Quantity Price
Normal Lifeform Perishable Perishable Lifeform
Quantity Buy Price
0 0 Brigantes Seafood (34979) 5000 3
0 0 Hand Crafted Furniture (30013) 3000 15
0 0 Oakwood Totem Pole (31789) 3000 8
0 0 Reso Camel (32386) 3000 1.8