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HEX Aquaria Hive (27201)
Location: Deva (210) on Shiva (8359)
Orbital Dock Capacity: 100 Hulls
Hiports Available: 1
Maintenance Complexes:
Hull Patch Price: 0 Stellars
This is Aquaria Hive, part of the Hexamon Collective. All trade should be done via the HiPort. If you wish to dock here, bear the following in mind. TRN ships are welcome to land to talk to Civilian Traders. TRN Captains may also make free use of our R+R facilities and our maintenance complexes. We will not eat new Captains, or use them for the hatching of our eggs. PIR, MRC & PRV should not land without prior arrangement as they will be boarded, and either eaten or used for the hatching of our eggs. All other affiliations are welcome to dock for Civilian Trade, but we require some advance warning, so we can prepare our troops, and tell them not to eat you, or use your body for the hatching of their eggs. That Is All.
Sell Item Buy
Quantity Price
Normal Lifeform Perishable Perishable Lifeform
Quantity Buy Price
2630 2 Hairy Scallop (32430) 0 0
11000 1 Shivan Mackeral (32422) 0 0