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SMS New Caledonia (3205)
Location: Stockton (140) on Valley (975)
Orbital Dock Capacity: 200 Hulls
Hiports Available: 1
Maintenance Complexes: 5
Hull Patch Price: 80 Stellars
Welcome to SMS New Caledonia, trade is welcome, however all transactions must be carried out via the Hiport, Please note that landing at this starbase is prohibited for all non-SMS ships unless prior authorisation has been obtained. Also note that all system laws should be respected when trading here, (refer to the local authorities for more details). Thank you for your cooperation. War Hinders Trade. Governor Madison Haines.
Sell Item Buy
Quantity Price
Normal Lifeform Perishable Perishable Lifeform
Quantity Buy Price
0 0 Eridani Pickled Fish (30039) 8000 1.4