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GTT Bannockburn (3411)
Location: Starling (160) on Resurrection (995)
Orbital Dock Capacity: 400 Hulls
Hiports Available: 1
Maintenance Complexes:
Hull Patch Price: 0 Stellars
Contact Salvatore Kong for your market needs, particularly if you have goods to sell. We are open to negotiation. By order of the Imperial Viceroy Independents will be fired upon in this system. As will scurvy pirates......and the not so scurvy ones.
Sell Item Buy
Quantity Price
Normal Lifeform Perishable Perishable Lifeform
Quantity Buy Price
27559 16 Heffer Meat (30992) 0 0
0 0 Whit Tuna Oil (30909) 3000 7