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DEN Cub's Den (94920)
Location: Britannicus (205) on Durobrivae (8909)
Orbital Dock Capacity: 150 Hulls
Hiports Available: 1
Maintenance Complexes: 10
Hull Patch Price: 100 Stellars
Cub's Lair is the Halo den of the Dewiek Elder Nation (DEN). Guilders, Relics, etc. We turn them into real money. Contact the DEN as we have other jobs available and upgrades are available for our friends.
Sell Item Buy
Quantity Price
Normal Lifeform Perishable Perishable Lifeform
Quantity Buy Price
0 0 Guilder (30000) 5000 2
0 0 Hannahannas Relics (32181) 1000 4.5