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The Halo Periphery is a Game Master (GM) Moderated region of the game.
It's specifically designed for low level confrontation and a place where small factions, new players and independent players can explore and build up their assets before venturing into the rest of the game.

Being a GM moderated region means that intervention by non-player-controlled (NPC) positions is entirely possible and in fact will happen at the discretion of the moderators. This will tend to be moderate at first but will prove overwhelming if the unsubtle hint being sent by the GM is continuously ignored.
Any position in this this region of space is bound by this criteria.

The rulers of this region of space are the NPC faction called the Halo Benevolent Oligarchy (HBO) and they control the Execution Fleet.

Anyone faction wishing to explore and exploit this region of space should first move to Mei Mei Mei in Agripeta, the first system beyond the Halo Express wormhole located in Yank.

Once there and after a short interview with the HBO representative (special action), application for client status can be petitioned. This normally takes month (giving time to watch the potential client's initial behaviour).
The terms of the client status are given below.

Halo Charter
Access is granted to the External zone of Halo to all parties by the Halo Benevolent Oligarchy (HBO).

The Halo Oligarchy will police within the bounds of the Halo Periphery and only within the bounds of the Halo Periphery. Only crimes committed within the Halo Periphery will be punished by the Oligarchy and then as the Oligarchy deems appropriate or convenient.

1st Laws
  • No faction may conduct stellar cartography within the Halo Periphery. Any faction discovered undertaking Stellar Cartography will suffer reparation by the Oligarch Execution Fleet.
  • Only signatories of the Charter (referred to as Clients) may construct bases and otherwise colonise celestial bodies.
  • All bases must contribute to the HBO system claim. Failure to do so either through lack of troops or desire will be investigated by the Oligarch Execution Fleet at the Oligarch's pleasure.
  • Ships greater than 20,000mu are banned.
  • Fleets greater than approximately 20 are banned – this applies to fleets formed from multiple factions.

2nd Laws
  • Any client agrees to construct no more than two bases on any single world. There are no limits to the size of base or to the quantity of platforms and size thereof constructed. Action should be taken to reduce bases down to two following any event where more come under the control of a single faction. A grace period will be given based on the events and a successful petition to the Oligarchy.
  • No faction may monopolize any world and permanent exclusion zones are prohibited. The Halo Oligarchy will decide when it considers a temporary defensive measure to have become a permanent exclusion zone by notifying the Oligarch Execution Fleet of the offense.
  • Conflict is permitted so long as the 1st Laws are no violated.

3rd Law
  • Any client is permitted to enforce their own laws within the Halo Periphery as they see fit except where it violates either the client charter or the 1st or 2nd laws.
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