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Exploration and rights
Exploration rights must be granted before it is to commence within this system.

Exploration rights does not automatically mean that should a site be found it will be allocated to the affiliation/person finding it. The findings of the IMP in regards to the acceptance of assets is final.

Once a location is found, the site will be advertised and investigated to make sure it is not already mined.

The same rules are in force for resources within a system that are exploited rather than mined.

New and existing sites will be required to help towards a claim for the IMP within the system.
Sites larger than 100 complexes (new or old) MUST claim toward the IMP of 1000 troops, for each 100 complexes thereafter a further 1000 troops towards the claim must be issued. Beyond a 3000 troop claim it is at the discretion of the Viceroy as to the level required.

For avoidance of doubt if you have 3 sites at 99 complexes each these are to be added together (as an affiliation) and 2000 troops would be required to claim for the IMP.

If you have only 1 site as an affiliation within a system, no matter the size, that is generating resources then you must have a claim of 1000 troops towards the IMP or agree a fee with the IMP for rights to mine/exploit.

Some affiliations/sites may have differing levels of claims that are more or less than the above requirements, these must have been accepted in writing with the Viceroy, these limitations will be shown in system under a charter limit. If you have agreed a limit and it is not shown, reapply to the viceroy to have this limitation written. Otherwise it will not stand

Failure to comply will result in the facility being deemed illegal and likely to be taken from the owner.

We are also reminding people and letting buyers beware, that a registered position is for the affiliation that requested it. A new owner does not automatically gain rights to mine or be at that location, and re-registration is required, potentially under new terms. So should you be buying a new position within IMP space does not mean that you have the rights to be at that location or mine or produce from that location. all sales to non chartered affiliations, the facility will be deemed illegal

The IMP may impose financial or other penalties it deems fit should you be unable to claim for the system, or breach any laws or rules within IMP space.
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