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Home System of the Krells
This is the home system of the true Krell race.

Rules and Laws.

1) Permission to explore Storm is required before it can begin.

2) All outposts in system are to register.

3) All Starbases in system are to register and claim for KRL, with at least 1000 Troops.

4) Permission is required to setup Outposts and Starbases.

5) Permission is required to sell outposts and Starbases.

6) Exclusion Zone, no one is allowed at Inversion, without prior concent from the KRL PD.

7) Slavery is not allowed within KRL territory.

Thats important basic Laws and rules, now the rest of them are simple, if you want to do
anything within the system, you need permission...

Warlord Namica
Type Target
Affiliation Pirate (90)