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Welcome to the new version of ESNN (formally CSNN), giving the news and views from the former CSNN's reporter and news anchor, Ainsley Moore, making this the peripheries' most favourite unbiased publication in the known universe,

And so with the news,

Empire and Aliens Clash in the Solo System

Major fleet engagements took place in and around the orbit of the Solo stargate in the previous weeks.

Despite the massive amount of Antimatter used, losses were relatively low for both sides.

Now the respective fleets have disengaged, anonymous sources within the Imperial Admiralty claim to have spotted new space weapons being fielded by alien forces.

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Actual Footage from the Battle.

NLF Forces strike in the Dorn System

NLF warships have attacked a GTT outpost in Dorn this week, leading to the destruction of at least 22 industrial modules.

ESNN has learned that GTT naval forces responded to the attack destroying one of the MRC flagged NLF vessels.

A spokesperson for the GTT said the Industrial Modules will be replaced as soon as production schedules allow.

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An Industrial Module in action.

DEN Vessels Suicide themselves in Plague System

Another DEN scout ship has committed suicide again in the Plague system.

The second in as many weeks, a DEN omen class scout ship entered orbit of the Plague stargate and was destroyed by the platform there.

Customs and Borders agents have commented that conditions must bad with the Nation for their space ship captains to continuously kill themselves in this manner. C&B officers have labelled these events as "suicides" rather than scouting activity.

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The Last Moments of this Sad Event.

GTT Ground forces Active in Axel System

Reports have been coming into the ESNN office regarding an assault of a DEN starbase in the Axel system.

With details being hard to come by, ESNN reporters finally managed to get a written statement from Imperial Command. The written statement simply said "We cannot comment on on-going activities".

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Apparent Leaked Footage from this Ground Action.

KRL Claim Brixx System

It seems another system has fallen to the completely peaceful and non-warlike KRL.

The KRL, a once warlike species emanating of the Storm system have peacefully taken over another Corewards system.

Citizens interviewed over this event didn't even know where this system was or care about what had happened. Imperial Command stated that they are keeping an eye on such events.

Reporters at ESNN can only wonder when the next system will be hovered up peacefully and the lives of peaceful sentients will be completely unaffected.

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This is about as Violent as it got!

This ends the first unbiased edition of ESNN of which we hope we can bring updates to these news stories,

This is Ainsley Moore, reporting for the ESNN.

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****** End of Transmission ******