Phoenix Nexus News Sub Space Static: Volume 5. Issue 2.
Sub Space Static: Volume 5. Issue 2.

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***** Inter Galactic News *****

”Necessity hath no law”

Lord Cromwell of the DOM slapped a fleet of privateers, on charges of "knavery", "bad manners" and "poor sportsmanship." Such offences carry the death sentence in the Dominion, a nebulous territory neither part of the Empire nor apart from it. At least thirteen Armadillo class ships, typically sold by the DOM, were destroyed at a location Cromwell was unwilling to disclose publicly. Bloodthirsty Dewiek as well as "prince of peace" Yahn Wodenzoon were quick to congratulate the DOM for their merciless carnage. It seems the consensus in the galaxy’s ruling class is that not presenting valid identification is a crime worthy of the murder of dozens, perhaps hundreds, of unfortunate crewmen. This is all just another indicator that the political elite are far removed from the lives of ordinary people who are seen as little more than meat inventory. It is telling so-called “man of the people and the downtrodden” Wodenzoon so readily aligns himself with this grisly concord. Meanwhile, the archaic elocutionist Cromwell further establishes the recent trend of mild exertions of power by the cold-blooded DOM.

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Cover art by pipboy3000

*** In Brief ***

The unusual PIR ship the Black Shirt, a Corward Cruiser Class Capital Ship, was destroyed when it was intercepted by hundreds of GTT warships. Rumours that this was in fact a former black ops vessel that tried to rendezvous with the rest of the GTT fleet, forgetting to turn back on its corporate transponder, are completely unsubstantiated.

The Mad Bird has been returned to the Toad. I repeat, the Mad Bird has been returned to the Toad.

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The DEN warmonger Halvor has promised to wipe out the entire KRL fleet for refusing to buy goods they advertised due to lack of funds. In an effort to prostrate themselves against the mighty warrior, KRL Warlord Namica promised to stop advertising to buy any goods in future. The KRL continue their struggle to balance the books as they expand like a plague across the galaxy. Meanwhile, bystanders wonder where the DEN Secret Shopper programme will go next.

The Toad has the Hot Dog ready to deliver. I repeat, the Hot Dog is ready to be delivered.

*** Letter to the Editor ***

Kon'nichiwa Editor,

In light of your recent reporting, I consider it to be openly informative to explain the links between the Mizuchi Combine, and the Flagritz Republic and Frontier Exploration & Trade in such a way that you can report in your next article.

The Mizuchi Combine were initially a small FET Cartel, that came to periphery notice through our sponsors, who's identity in good conscience we will not disclose. Suffice to say, we worked hard to secure political status and through our network were able to obtain generous donations from both the DEN and HEX to help establish the Cartel.

In time this network put us in contact with the Flagritz Republic and an offer was made; the provision of certain services in exchange for the fruits of those services. In essence we were contracted to remove ex-slaves from Flagritz space and settle them as we saw fit in return for trade goods, $ and my personal involvement in the establishment of governments in FLZ space. This was an enticing offer but to succeed necessitated Combine assets transfer to the FLZ flag, something only possible due to the on-going peace between the Republic and human Empire. The matter was discussed with the Combine Executive. The result was a split in the Combine with Governor Khal Jaxson returning the FET starbase Shogun Castle in Yank back to the Kulthea faction within the FET, whilst Governor Cedrix Zyre desiring to maintain the neutrality of Maranor and the Mydoria system determined the best way to avoid being drawn into any future conflict was to remain under a FET flag. The remaining Combine assets in Littlehampton reflagged as FLZ and we commenced our contract of repatriation. This brought me into contact with Lady Silith Ungol, our nominated sponsor within the Flagritz Republic.

In time, I determined that the Combine could continue this programme in partnership with our sponsor but not necessarily under the FLZ flag. Combine assets withdrew from FLZ space and the Mizuchi Combine as you now see was registered with the EEM. We maintain our contract with the FLZ, with Republic assets moving civilians from FLZ space and into neutral territory for collection by Combine shipping. In turn we maintain the claim on New Sussex for the FLZ, this paying for the civilians, and also provide trade goods to supplement the exchange.

To summarise, our relationship with the FET is one of cordial trade partners, recognising our origin, whilst our relationship with the Flagritz Republic is that of a working trade partner.

It is my hope, in time, to see the Combine develop wider relations with more partners and some of these have already started to emerge with new deals being cemented. To better assist the CIA in their assessment I will offer that I have not sought more direct contact with the CIA nor the IMP so as to avoid any risk of claims of duplicitous working on behalf of their once enemy, the Flagritz Republic and as such Combine assets do not seek to enter CIA nor IMP space. In time this may change and formal requests will be lodged, but that will not be until our contract with the FLZ is concluded.

If I may venture, there is certainly no cause for an agency with the size and resources of the CIA to be concerned with the actions of the Combine.

For the Combine.

Coordinator Takeo Kurita
The Mizuchi Combine

The Editor responds: All sounds quite dubious to me. In the CIA’s position, and I categorically deny working for the CIA, I would be taking a closer look at this Combine’s activities, especially in the former CIA systems of the Cluster periphery.

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*** Intercepted Transmission ***

Legacy Update 219.1.3 - This is turning into a very good start to the year, we believe we have finally found a viable candidate for the project after over a year in deep space. Initial scans show the gas giant falls within the required parameters needed for development. The crew have been reinvigorated by the discovery and are working round the clock to get sensors calibrated to confirm viability. We except to be able to provide provisional readings in next weeks update burst.

Legacy Update 219.2.2 - We are sending the burst early this week as we have significant news to report back. The crew have worked hard to tweak sensors to calibrate for the gas giants composition and have been able to make progressively deeper and deeper scans each day. Yesterday we were able to detect a vast structure deep within the gas giant, its uniformity in structure would suggest it is not naturally occurring. How it got there or how its position remains relatively fixed at that level is unknown but all efforts have shifted to try and study this further. Attached is all the preliminary data we have gathered so far, as you can see it is within Legacy's range thanks to the High G Lander equipped, if deviation from the project is granted we can begin preparations to investigate.

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*** Public Notice ***

Keaop will soon have a planetary shield, once this has been through initial testing it will be taken down and final landing lists will be prepared.

Any issues arising from the inability to interact with the planet during this time will have to be taken on the chin I'm afraid chaps. Compensation will come only in the form of a "there there old boy, stiff upper lip, onward and upwards hey."

All except the unlawful will be permitted landing rights and the approved landing list will be maintained with this in mind. When the shield comes back up if you are not on the list and feel you should be please just message my office and we will look to rectify matters immediately.

If your affiliation is so secret I have not heard about it then you will need to get in touch. Be prepared to bring evidence that you actually exist.

Further, if you believe yourself too unlawful to be allowed landing, let me know and I will take you off the list.

Affiliations may be removed from the landing list in the future if they are found to be using their privileges to the detriment of the people of Keaop.

Safe travels and may your days be profitable.


*** Featured Blogs ***

Kr'Shan's Blog - Tribulations

We have spent the past several weeks walking amongst the people, hoping they would come to accept us as one of them. Our efforts eventually bore fruit as they began to entertain us with tales of Pride history and heroics. Few of these stories stood out from others but those that did held enough intrigue for us to pursue further.

Not all were stories of Pride and Honor, several told of great loss, sorrow, and degradation. Many Prides had been erased from history during the Flagritz incursions, many more passing from sickness and starvation thereafter.

The orbital bombardment had left the land mostly barren, much of it still a useless wasteland to this day. What of the promises made by the great Prides that took leadership in the aftermath? Empty promises leaving many to still suffer each day. Even the great deeds of the once admired Tyrant are fading from memory, many cubs not having seen nor heard of him during their brief life time.

The technologies that were supposed to uplift the everyday Felini have not appeared in numbers great enough to make a difference on a global scale. Without the tools to rebuild and expand our population is suffering, many choosing to risk leaving our once beautiful world in hopes of finding a better life elsewhere.

Our Tyrant and his doting fools have failed our people enough. We must rekindle the fire of our people and nurture their spirits. We must return them to the embrace of the Great Mother and Benevolent Spirit. Our people must regain their Pride.

We must seek out the like minded to aid us in our cause, those that still follow the old ways. Some may call them fanatical to hold onto such primal beliefs, but neither feline nor beast cannot survive without feeding and taming our base instincts.

Come my friend, let us begin.

Kala's Blog - Amendment to SSS

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*** Game News ***

There’s been a gaffe with the recruitment of natives as Mica unleashed toothpick armed spider monkeys on the galaxy before quickly changing his mind. Pray he does not change it back. Read more about it here.

*** Affiliations ***

AFT Association of Free Traders (54) - Marion Tweedy
CIA Combined Intelligence Agency (64) - Laton CIA
DNA Displaced Natives Asylum (66) - Yahn Wodenzoon
DTR Detinus Republic (58) - Morley Decker
DEN Dewiek Elder Nation (67) - Aadolf
DOM Dominion (57) - bcd
ERC Eldar Rawk Conclave (83) - RAO
FCN Falconian Republic (70) - Crius Grimtail
FEA Felini Elamite Autonomy (60) - Kr'Shan
FEL Felini Tyranny (49) - Mrrshan
FLZ Flagritz Republic (47) - Kayxaer
FET Frontier Exploration & Trade (56) - Cu Chulainn
GRC Gracians (13) - HG1
GTT Galactic Trade & Transport (52) - Xavier Fox
GCE Garcia Enterprises (4) - Neil
HEX Hexamon (23) - Ando
IMP Imperial Services (51) - Tiberius Crowe
KRL Krell (30) - Namica
KRT Krell Clan Black Rat (37) - Psy Nexu
KST Kastor Kastorians (12) - Kastor
MZC Mizuchi Combine (86) - Mizuchi
MOH Mohache (73) - Listens
NLF Naplian Liberation Front (38) - NLFHQ
RCF The Red Confederate Forces - ???
RRH Roy Robert Holdings (39) - Roy Roberts
SMS Stellar Mining and Smelting (53) - MikhailM
USN Ulian Stellar Nation (34) - Oedipus Prime
WMB Wimble Nations (25) - zz



Deceased: CAL, MIC

*** Submission ***

By private message to via Mica if you prefer to remain anonymous.