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213.16 - 213.20

Subspace Static - Star Date 213.16  [Recruit]

Subspace Static - Star Date 213.16.2

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Flagritz Games Invitational Turns Out To Be Slightly Disappointing For Guests Who Find Themselves Torn To Bloody Shreds ***

Special Action/Celeste/Flagritz Sponsored Games/213.15
The FLZ sponsor games to celebrate their recent victories over inferior species. The death games in which many officers taken prisoners fight to the death prove very popular. Of course the prisoners are pumped up on drugs making them aggressive. Their slurred actions make for some top comedy.
This sees a boost in short term trade demand

The Following fight to the death in front of the crowds or just put to death
7 Feline Prisoner (535)
62 Human Prisoner (503)
44 Naplian Prisoner (551)
1 Dan Brown (#10) {SMS Prisoner}
1 Rob Brown (#32) {SMS Prisoner}
1 BING (#5) {OPS Prisoner}
1 Gil'Hr-pa (#9) {OPS Prisoner}
1 S'pi-Eiy (#8) {OPS Prisoner}
1 Five Pear Feet (#11) {OPS Prisoner}
1 Claw'Kar (#14) {OPS Prisoner}
1 Wir'Pak (#22) {OPS Prisoner}
1 BONG!! (#12) {OPS Prisoner}
1 ZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! (#15) {OPS Prisoner}
1 Unit-144 (#30) {OPS Prisoner}
1 BUZZZZ (#34) {OPS Prisoner}
1 Daniel Spencer (#54) {SMS Prisoner}
1 Kahuhr (#13) {FEL Prisoner}
1 Caadi (#16) {FEL Prisoner}
1 Eo'lton (#19) {FEL Prisoner}
1 Salk Foil (#21) {FEL Prisoner}
1 Aara (#23) {FEL Prisoner}
1 Sinatra (#24) {FEL Prisoner}
1 Sandra Bavinger (#39) {FEL Prisoner}
1 Berr Narrd (#45) {FEL Prisoner}
1 Manfred von Carstein (#48) {RIP Prisoner}

*** Unit-144 ***

Upon hearing of the death of Unit-144 in the dreaded Flagritz Hunger Games, a wave of sympathy has sprung out across the Peripheries for the tragic figure of this one particular Hive prisoner.

Unit-144 shrines have appeared at several sites across the Yank system, and we understand a Unit-144 Memorial Song is soon to be released by a group of concerned artists.

Farewell Unit-144, we barely knew ye!

*** FLZ Appetite Games ***

Following on from the death games Held by the Empire within the Twilight system
Special Action/Celeste/FLZ Xenos Shadaki/War Memorial/213.7
A massive Audentian Granite Buttress is sent to be carved with depictions of scenes commemorating the utter victory the Flagritz have achieved over the humans, wimbles, felini and falconians in the Twilight Periphery.
It will take a few months as the designs need to be agreed upon (and 100k stellars to the various people involved) by the various artists involved before any actual carving can be achieved.
The question is whether it will be placed in this base, or moved to the urban region of the world.
The closing ceremony of the games ends with the unveiling of the War Memorial. The massive granite buttress, now carved to reveal the many great flagritz victories is revealed in the urban sector {14,14}.

*** Administrative Errors Result In Pretty Fireworks Display ***

A small DTR platform orbit of Latrodectus in the Arachnid system has opened fire against Confederate positions on the planet below.

One of these CNF positions appears to have been a firebase, as it opened up with a substantial array of weapons systems.

*** Empire Miners Hate Detinus Raiders – Official ***

Another Empire mining facility has been targeted by the busy DTR raiding squadrons this week, resulting in another smoking crater, and unusually a destroyed freighter that was unlucky enough to be docked with the outpost when the raid occurred:

IMP Ruin Equaliser (39458) - Outpost
Targeted by DTR CL 568 YELLOWJACKET (79396) - 5309 [1920] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 567 TEMERAIRE (6868) - 4669 [2700] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 567 HARDER (12597) - 6110 [2080] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 568 TARANTULA HAWK (28113) - 3524 [1920] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 567 ROBALO (24678) - 3546 [2080] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 567 BOREE (58311) - 8110 [2430] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 567 CAPELIN (33619) - 5433 [2320] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 568 BEEWOLF (54370) - 3088 [1760] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 567 GRAYBACK (38591) - 6280 [2480] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 567 SCAMP (80401) - 5713 [2600] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 567 GUDGEON (52165) - 6429 [2080] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 567 SCORPION (31836) - 2337 [1650] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 567 HERRING (44323) - 6397 [1680] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 567 SPARTIATE (14354) - 7741 [2340] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 567 GROWLER (15825) - 1688 [1320] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 567 PAMPANO (96767) - 4516 [1860] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 567 CORVINA (76521) - 8118 [1800] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 567 PLUTON (33590) - 3163 [2430] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 568 MOSQUITO (43282) - 1440 [1440] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 567 GOLET (49982) - 2291 [1650] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 567 SEAWOLF (75781) - 110 [110] Damage
IMP Freight XVI (92166) - Ship
Barge Class Freighter {No Armour}
Hull Damage: 100.0%

*** Weird Alien System Claimed By Normal Human Corporation ***

The Hirathamo system has just been claimed by the GTT on behalf of the IMP, presumably bringing to an end the explorations by curious third parties.

*** Cwor, Is That A Giant Alien Spaceship In Your Pocket Or Are The Brotherhood Just Happy To Have It? ***

One of our readers has supplied the following detailed scan to our news-room, which speaks for itself really:

> Date 15.5: Detailed Scan {83642}
BHD SHIP LIS CONTEMPT (83642) - {400 Heavy Hulls}
Alien Construct Class Capital Ship {Advanced Heavy Armour}
Aff: BHD
LifeForms: 250
Class: Alien Construct
Hulls: 400 Alien Construct Shells (120001)
Armour: 503 Alien Construct Plates (120005)
Hull Damage: None
Max Boarders: 2512

8 AI Combat Navigator mkIV (923)
1 Alien Construct Core Housing (120003)
40 Alien Construct Drive (120002)
1 Alien Construct Node (120000)
2 Alien Construct Thruster (120008)
16 Battle Sensor mkII (201)
38 Bunks (98)
20 Combat Engine mkIV (167)
40 Gatling Laser mkIV (218)
1 Jump Drive - Armoured (1950)
1 Jump Drive - Backup (176)
2 Magazine mkII (2025)
20 Phalanx (211)
2 Photon Battery (312)
5 Quarters (131)
55 Scintillator (125)
18 Shield Generators mkIII (121)
297 Shields mkII (116)
15 Shields mkIII (117)
1 Stargate Key - Eden (964)
22 Targeting Computer mkIV (110)

1 Alien Construct Core (120010)
249 Human Veteran Marine (512)
1 Matrim the Two-Footer (32704)
100 Medical Supplies (30155)
70 Phalanx Missile mkIII (214)
500 Warbot (850)

*** Empire Expands Again ***

The continuing steam-roller like expansion of the Empire of Humanity claims yet another system this week, as the Myth system now flies GTT flags.

With the EMP now claiming almost 100 systems*, this is unquestionably the dominant power bloc in the Peripheries.

* Message From The Editor – yes, this number is highly speculative. Nobody really knows how many systems are claimed by the EMP affs, as many of them will be private and secret. But I’d guess it’s probably around that number. If anybody would care to supply exact numbers, the press awaits eagerly.

*** DTR Freighter Clobbered ***

A lone DTR freighter has been destroyed by Empire patrol forces in the Acropolis system whilst attempting to trade with the Falconians, sparking speculation that the EMP might be seeking to extend their zone of control into all systems within their reach.

In response the Falconian authorities appear to have pushed all open hunting zones in the system out to ring 11 and beyond, this securing the trade lanes as peaceful areas.

*** Cry Havoc And Let Slip The Dogs Of… Peace? ***

Moments after last week's SSS went to press, news arrived signalling an apparent ceasefire in the recent conflict between the Detinus Republic and the Dewiek Elder Nation, just as it seemed outright war was inevitable. A roving SSS reporter happened to be in the Combat Operations Centre at DTR Trinidad, and describes the events as he saw them unfold:

Cheers erupted as the Governor's address reached its blood-stirring conclusion. As I looked around the Operations Centre, only one man was silent. The Officer of the Watch, the insignia of a Commander on his relentlessly practical combat dress and the first hint of grey in his closely cropped hair, stood grim-faced beside his console. I saw in his eyes no cowardice, not a hint of irresolution; only a quiet sadness as he looked at the younger faces around him, clearly knowing how small was the chance of any of them surviving this adventure.

As the cheers faded, the Commander immediately began giving orders in a firm and precise voice - "Ensign Wilson, pass the order for Condition Zulu Omega. Fitzgerald, find me firing solutions on..." - before being cut off by a strangled noise that might have been "Sir". He turned his gaze on the impossibly young Ensign who appeared to be the source of the yelp. The Ensign took a deep breath before continuing in something a little closer to a military voice;

"Sir... flash message from Command - a ceasefire has been agreed with the Dewiek - we're ordered to stand down offensive operations."

The ghost of a sigh of relief swept across the Operations team, but the story took another dramatic twist as a klaxon almost immediately blared and another young officer reported a further massive onslaught of incoming fire from the DEN ships. The Commander's refusal of permission to return fire prompted a brief confused and nervous babble, before being cut off by his deceptively quiet voice:

"You were prepared to die for vengeance. What citizen of the Republic could then refuse to die for peace?"

*** Overlord Kang Fanclub Launches ***

Ladies, Gentlemen and others,

It is my great pleasure to be able to tell you of the launch of the Overlord Kang Fanclub.

If you would like to be a founding member of the Fanclub please write to me care of the Jiggly Room at Quick Snack in Yank.

Members will receive a membership pack with a lifesize cardboard cut-out of the Peripheries favourite psychotic Overlord along with a "Weak Flesh Thing" badge.

The first 50 "founding" members will also receive a T-Shirt with the words "SICKENING WEAKLING" emblazoned on the front for all to see and enjoy!

Membership costs 12 stellars per year ... which you will agree is more than excellent value for money!


Mona Luvsitt
Pathetic Meatbag

*** Coreward Arm ***

Reports are circulating of Confederate and Flagritz naval forces engaging in skirmishing in the Coreward Arm region of space.

*** GCE Tickle Kanji, Kanji Tickles Back ***

GCE warships have tangled with positions belonging to the terrorist Kanji, a chance encounter? Or the beginning of a new program of terror by everybodies least favourite crazy Kastorian?

*** Trade Advisory message ***


Whilst everyone now appears to be shooting everyone else, trade at Archipelago is booming. The market will be running down it's purchases until such time as the stockpiles are sold on at Drougal. The market will refresh at that point. Plan your production and shipping accordingly.

This has been a TRADE ADVISORY MESSAGE from the Kastorian Junta.

Archon Hackal

***** Overlord Kang’s Column Of Agony *****

Dear Overlord Kang,
I hope you wont laugh, but I have a persistant worry about the size of my "equipment". It typically varies between 75 and 150 hulls, on average I'd say about 110-120. Most of the other navies I've seen hanging around Yank... you know, when you cant avoid looking... seem to be at least 200 hulls, and I've even seen some with endowments of 400 hulls! I know they say it's not how big you are, but what you do with it that matters, but I'm worried that even the wimbles will laugh when I'm 'ready for action', and I'm get depressed when I secretly compare myself to the Mohache.

What do you suggest?... I've heard you can have things enlarged by 10, or even 20, percent, and even get patches that will make your armour harder. Are they any good?

Worried of Outer Capellan.

Dear Worried,

Overlord Kang is regularly disgusted by the pathetic mewlings of snivelling meatbags, but let Overlord Kang assure you, you are without question of doubt the MOST PATHETIC SNIVELLING MEATBAG KANG HAS EVER HAD THE DISPLEASURE OF ADDRESSING!

Overlord Kang deeply and most sincerely hopes you choke to death on your own viscera. BUT UNTIL THAT GLORIOUS MOMENT Overlord Kang will SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM, MEATBAG!

It is true that many navies now sport vessels that are larger than the average endowment, Kang sees no need to be concerned about this, as the Quantum Jump Drive is a great leveller. Overlord Kang knows this because he once saw a Quantum Jump Drive dropped from a great height onto a group of visiting Wimble schoolchildren. KANG LAUGHED SO HARD THAT DAY HE THOUGHT HE MIGHT DIE!

REMEMBER THIS! Worried of Outer Capellan, IF THAT IS INDEED YOUR REAL NAME! Kang sees no reason to feel insecure about the size of your spaceships, amuse yourself by thinking of the SHEER PAIN involved when these vessels get creamed into space junk, and comfort yourself with the knowledge that for the cost of one 400 hulled leviathan, you could have had LITERALLY DOZENS of 50 hulled vessels.


But fortunately we are not doing that. OR ARE WE!


Kang needs to lie down in a darkened room with some hentai.

Signed tenderly with bloody stump: KANG!

***** Message From The Editor *****

Apologies for this weeks edition surfacing a few days late, been down with the dreaded lurgy.

Congratulations to Sid on the event of his wedding day.

- The Editor.

Subspace Static - Star Date 213.16 ?  [Recruit]

Subspace Static - Star Date ~uncertain~

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** News From The FUN ***

The Flagritz Universal News service has provided some m ore details of ongoing FLZ operations across known space:

4 MRC ships that have been seen around Coreward have attacked and destroyed a ship from the Peace and Trade faction. The Party For War send warships but they missed the MRC ships as they ran away from something that could fire back. A system by system hunt was then started in which two of the ships were found and one destroyed while the Empire of the Race understands that the other was destroyed running away

CNF Forces attack two transports of the Party for Peace and Trade Faction but gets a shock as one of the ships has Warships in the Quad hunting PIRates
Daggern (263) - {Alpha,10}

Targeting CNF Persephone (95687):
Defending Own Aff

---------------------------------Battle Summary---------------------------------

FLZ ML Breeze Red (3698) - Ship
Broadsword Class Heavy Cruiser {Heavy Armour}
Armour: 100.0
Hull Damage: 9.4%
Destroyed CNF Persephone (42086) - 103 [200] Damage
Destroyed CNF Persephone (95687) - 2289 [5005] Damage
FLZ YS BRG-17 (29191) - Ship
Barge Class Freighter {No Armour}
Hull Damage: 100.0%
Targeted by CNF Persephone (45139) - 2842 [2880] Damage
INTEGRITY BREAKDOWN - Ship reduced to debris
FLZ ML Breeze Orange (14638) - Ship
Broadsword Class Heavy Cruiser {Heavy Armour}
Armour: 80.0
FLZ ML Breeze Black (32144) - Ship
Broadsword Class Heavy Cruiser {Heavy Armour}
Armour: 79.7
Hull Damage: 12.1%
Destroyed CNF Persephone (20863) - 1083 [1800] Damage
FLZ ML Breeze Blue (87156) - Ship
Beholder Class Heavy Cruiser {No Armour}
Hull Damage: 17.3%
Targeted by CNF Persephone (97111) - 1890 [1890] Damage
Targeted by CNF Persephone (57415) - 2326 [2340] Damage
Attacking CNF Persephone (45139) - 2078 [4615] Damage
FLZ ML Breeze Cream (93972) - Ship
Broadsword Class Heavy Cruiser {Heavy Armour}
Armour: 100.0
FLZ ML Breeze Yellow (94753) - Ship
Broadsword Class Heavy Cruiser {Heavy Armour}
Armour: 99.6
Hull Damage: 4.0%
Targeted by CNF Persephone (45626) - 998 [2520] Damage
Attacking CNF Persephone (57415) - 2500 [6955] Damage
FLZ ML Breeze Purple (95283) - Ship
Broadsword Class Heavy Cruiser {Heavy Armour}
Armour: 100.0
FLZ ML Breeze Brown (98546) - Ship
Broadsword Class Heavy Cruiser {Heavy Armour}
Armour: 100.0
Hull Damage: 1.7%
Attacking CNF Persephone (45626) - 2952 [6500] Damage
CNF Persephone (42086) - Ship
Howitzer Class Heavy Cruiser {Medium Ablative Armour}
Armour: 38.8
Hull Damage: 100.0%
Attacking FLZ ML Breeze Red (3698) - 103 [200] Damage
CNF Persephone (95687) - Ship
Arbalest Fighter Class Heavy Cruiser {Medium Ablative Armour}
Armour: 63.1
Hull Damage: 46.5%
Targeted by FLZ ML Breeze Red (3698) - 2289 [5005] Damage
Attacking FLZ ML Breeze Red (3698) - 1389 [3150] Damage
INTEGRITY BREAKDOWN - Ship reduced to debris
CNF Persephone (97111) - Ship
Arbalest Fighter Class Heavy Cruiser {Medium Ablative Armour}
Armour: 59.0
Attacking FLZ ML Breeze Blue (87156) - 1890 [1890] Damage
CNF Persephone (20863) - Ship
Arbalest Fighter Class Heavy Cruiser {Medium Ablative Armour}
Armour: 31.1
Hull Damage: 100.0%
Attacking FLZ ML Breeze Black (32144) - 1083 [1800] Damage
CNF Persephone (45626) - Ship
Arbalest Fighter Class Heavy Cruiser {Medium Ablative Armour}
Armour: 61.2
Hull Damage: 50.4%
Targeted by FLZ ML Breeze Brown (98546) - 2952 [6500] Damage
Attacking FLZ ML Breeze Yellow (94753) - 998 [2520] Damage
CNF Persephone (57415) - Ship
Howitzer Class Heavy Cruiser {Medium Ablative Armour}
Armour: 72.2
Hull Damage: 36.5%
Targeted by FLZ ML Breeze Yellow (94753) - 2500 [6955] Damage
Attacking FLZ ML Breeze Blue (87156) - 2326 [2340] Damage
CNF Persephone (45139) - Ship
Arbalest Fighter Class Heavy Cruiser {Medium Ablative Armour}
Armour: 67.0
Hull Damage: 28.0%
Targeted by FLZ ML Breeze Blue (87156) - 2078 [4615] Damage
Destroyed FLZ YS BRG-17 (29191) - 2842 [2880] Damage

The other one was not so lucky

Crantian (249) - {Alpha,10}

----------------------------FLZ SHIP Badger L (6931)----------------------------

Position was destroyed or docked and could not report on the battle.

---------------------------------Battle Summary---------------------------------

FLZ Badger L (6931) - Ship
Badger Class Passenger Liner {No Armour}
Hull Damage: 100.0%
CNF Persephone (26524) - Ship
Arbalest Fighter Class Heavy Cruiser {Medium Ablative Armour}
Armour: 60.0
CNF Persephone (9090) - Ship
Arbalest Fighter Class Heavy Cruiser {Medium Ablative Armour}
Armour: 75.0
CNF Persephone (41459) - Ship
Arbalest Fighter Class Heavy Cruiser {Medium Ablative Armour}
Armour: 60.0

Warships within Coreward have now orders to carry CNF on enemy lists

More fighting this week saw both more CNF warships and FLZ Warships destroyed

---------------------------------Battle Summary---------------------------------

FLZ Ack Blood (69231) - Ship
Minute Man Class Heavy Cruiser {Medium Ablative Armour}
Hull Damage: 100.0%
FLZ Ack Gory (48435) - Ship
Minute Man Class Heavy Cruiser {Medium Ablative Armour}
Hull Damage: 100.0%
FLZ Ack War (88583) - Ship
Minute Man Class Heavy Cruiser {Medium Ablative Armour}
Hull Damage: 100.0%
FLZ Ack Death (39531) - Ship
Minute Man Class Destroyer {Medium Ablative Armour}
Hull Damage: 100.0%
FLZ Ack Life (6252) - Ship
Minute Man Class Heavy Cruiser {Medium Ablative Armour}
Hull Damage: 100.0%

While in the Kaygen (265) system warships of the Empire of the Race have better luck
CNF Mogwai (91652) - Ship
Volga Class Heavy Cruiser {Heavy Ablative Armour}
Hull Damage: 100.0%
CNF Mogwai (68447) - Ship
Arbalest Fighter Class Heavy Cruiser {Medium Ablative Armour}
Hull Damage: 100.0%
CNF Mogwai (97111) - Ship
Arbalest Fighter Class Heavy Cruiser {Medium Ablative Armour}
Armour: 18.6
Hull Damage: 100.0%
CNF Mogwai (82351) - Ship
Volga Class Heavy Cruiser {Heavy Ablative Armour}
Hull Damage: 100.0%
CNF Mogwai (80371) - Ship
Arbalest Fighter Class Heavy Cruiser {Medium Ablative Armour}
Armour: 6.8
Hull Damage: 100.0%

*** More FUN ***

A Planet forced back to the Race of the Empire last week saw more troop movements as they rolled out across the planet

Special Action/Breeze/Urban Ghetto
Establishing a ghetto for the native naplians in this urban sector will take take approximately two months after the exhaustive use of 100 structural modules, 50 military modules and security tech. This will keep the infrastructure such as food production facilities working despite the new restrictions on movement.
It is likely that the continued removal of civilians will increase civilian resistance.
Tech and modules exhausted along with media tech. The ghetto will be completed in 213.23
This will house around 2M naplians. Civilians removed from planetary census.

It would seem that the reason for the ghetto is that these beings for to be shipped off world. Other planets within the home systems have need of these Naplians and the local FLZ Civilians will be pleased when they start to turn up.

Housing and "jobs" are being set up for all 2M Naplians on these new planets, a major undertaking.

*** Felini Take Ground ***

The beleaguered Felini have enjoyed a few successes this week, as their ground forces have recaptured a number of outposts in the Battlefield system:


All three OP' s have been retaken with minimal casualties and have reportedly being returned to productivity for the Tyranny.

*** Falconians ***

The Falconian Empire appears to have officially seceded from the Dewiek Nation this week, announcing that the FCN Republic is once again in charge of their fate as a free and independent nation.

The split appears to be amicable with the Dewiek offering congratulations and best wishes to their feathered friends.

*** Badlands ***

The Empire Uber-GP has rumbled on with its piece by piece dismantling of the DTR this week, with the capture of the major DTR base in the Badlands system.

During the battle a large number of Meklan were destroyed, as the facility was a DTR holding pen for Meklan being held in storage while the Detinus Senate tried to find some way to de-meklanise them and restore their individuality.

(As evidenced by the Meklan being present in specially designed holding cells in groups of 999 – one short of the number required for them to acquire sentience.)

Despite knowing of the presence of these Meklan before their attack, and having been informed of the nature of these holdings, Empire spokesmen have repeatedly tried to state the DTR used the Meklan in battle, despite having stated themselves that they brought along an Elite Meklan unit in their own assault. Thus sparking a war of words and claims and counter-claims.

All of which distracts from the fact that again the Empire war machine is apparently without any real opposition continuing to knock off DTR base after DTR base, and taking system claim after system claim, with there being nothing the DTR can do about it.

*** Brotherhood Up To Something? ***

The technical staff wore thick protective suits to fight off the cold emanating from this prison cell. The cell itself was hugely expensive, thoroughly inefficient and a largely forgotten piece of technology. It had been designed to solve a particular question for the Church. What do you do with the individual you cannot afford to kill? How do you remove any chance of eternal salvation from the immortal soul? Some individuals do not deserve heaven or hell. This Cryocell contained such an individual and was designed to do so for eternity. Never would he walk through the gates of Paradise or see creation through the eyes of its Creator. He would exist as an abstract without dreams, prayer or thought until the end of time itself …

Pope Eaton had commissioned this technical marvel to hold a monster the Church itself had created. He had unleashed a tide of bloodshed and religious fervour without a true understanding of just how dark the paths walked by Zealots could become. Thousands had died at the hands of this individual but still the people adored them. Faith and purity. Purity through faith. Faith through purity. That clarion call that had seen worlds turned to blood and blockades established throughout the Inner Confederacy. Events spun out of control even leading to forced genetic tests for impurity… It had all happened so fast… The bombings, the hangings, the public stonings, the crucifixions.. A Holy tide of blood from Bethlehem to Fortis. It had to be stopped somehow.

One of his last acts as Pope had seen Eaton have this individual located, eventually subdued and rendered inert. Eaton could not afford a Martyr on Earth or a rival in Heaven and so at great expensive, and forbidden technology, the Cryocell was created. The individual was buried in a pit beneath hell and left alone for eternity…. At least that was the plan.

The technical staff each continued to work at the machinery. Each of the seven seals securing the cell was slowly being breached by their endeavors. Succeed or fail these would be their final hours.

***** Overlord Kang’s Column Of Agony *****

Dear Uncle Kang,

Recently, I joined a group of my brothers in forming a syndicate to buy a time-share holiday home in the Coreward Arm. It's a great place, on the beach with superb fishing. Quiet, but with a settlement close by should we feel the need to preach to the great unwashed or burn a few heretics. In short - a perfect retreat were we can let our hair down (for those that haven't shaved it off or lost it in the occasional flamethrower accident).

However, in the last few weeks an unruly element have moved in to the area. They make loud noises, scent mark the area constantly, blow things up and, worst of all, defecate on the beach. Honestly, getting to the nets to check on the catch is like wandering through a minefield! And as for night fishing, well it's had to be cancelled. Brother Percival of the Bare Feet is still in shock from his last attempt at moonlight skinny-dipping!

The Brothers are even now praying to the True One for guidance.

Personally I'm a bit more pragmatic. What are we to do Uncle Kang? The Orphan's Fund can't afford to buy in another location.

May the Blessings of the True One be upon you always

Brother Woger the Wed

Pitiful Meatbag Woger,

Firstly let Kang make it utterly clear to you and all of your pitiful meatbag friends that NONE OF YOU ARE ANY BROTHER TO KANG! Your affrontery offends Overlord Kang more than the existence of Wimbles. Out of the generosity of Kang’s three hearts however we shall speak of your grave offence no more, until such time as you are delivered to my pain pits by our glorious armed forces who have finally subjugated the known universe.


As for your problem, the solution is obvious to Kang’s superior intellect. And can be summed up with two simple words – Orbital Bombardment.

In Overlord Kang’s experience, nothing deals with an unruly neighbour element more efficiently than an orbital bombardment.

This will have an added benefit that any stray railgun rounds (and there shall be stray rounds, oh yes, Kang loves the collateral damage) hitting the ocean will massively improve your collection of fish. Once they have been stunned by rail cannon fire, they can simply be scooped from the surface of the ocean, along with any orphans you have been fortunate enough to massacre.

Kang recommends at least 3 days of bombardment to properly soften up any neighbour, at which point Kang recommends UNLEASHING THE DOGS OF WAR upon any survivors.



Signed with broken pencil. KANG!

Subspace Static - Star Date 213.16 again  [Recruit]

Subspace Static - Star Date 213.16.2

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** News Of FUN Explodes On Your Monitor Like Ships Hit By Anti-Matter ***

We have received the following news bulletin from the Flagritz Universal News Network. We have abbreviated the battle report somewhat. We fully expect to lose interns over this abbreviation. But frankly we don’t care. We have too many interns.

The game of Cat and Mouse between the CNF and FLZ forces came to a bit of an end this week when a major CNF fleet jumped in meeting a FLZ holding force. While outnumbered 9 to 1 and almost half the FLZ force being unharmed some of the Empire of the Race warships still jumped out after the second day of combat.

The CNF used weapons that the Empire of the Race consider Planet Pacify weapons:

----------------------------- Nuclear Weapons Fired-----------------------------

CNF TW-H-CC-032 (88270) - 41 AM Missiles (3000)
CNF TW-H-CC-035 (47417) - 44 AM Missiles (3000)
CNF AD WIPE OUT 4 (15244) - 44 AM Missiles (3000)
CNF WIPE OUT 4 (55548) - 44 AM Missiles (3000)
CNF WIPE OUT 4 (54340) - 44 AM Missiles (3000)
CNF TW-H-CC-034 (5678) - 44 AM Missiles (3000)
CNF WIPE OUT 4 (87204) - 44 AM Missiles (3000)
CNF TW-H-CC-030 (95378) - 44 AM Missiles (3000)
CNF WIPE OUT 4 (71800) - 44 AM Missiles (3000)
CNF TW-H-CC-031 (5584) - 44 AM Missiles (3000)
CNF WIPE OUT 4 (61080) - 44 AM Missiles (3000)
CNF TW-H-CC-036 (28048) - 44 AM Missiles (3000)
CNF TW-H-CC-033 (75164) - 44 AM Missiles (3000)
CNF TW-H-CC-029 (14314) - 44 AM Missiles (3000)
CNF TW-H-CC-027 (92654) - 44 AM Missiles (3000)
CNF TW-H-CC-028 (8013) - 44 AM Missiles (3000)


---------------------------------Battle Summary---------------------------------

FLZ SK-Swarm 1 (80690) - Ship
Swarm 60nh Class Carrier {Medium Ablative Armour}
Armour: 5.5
Hull Damage: 100.0%
FLZ SK-Swarm 3 (25069) - Ship
Swarm 60nh Class Carrier {Medium Ablative Armour}
Hull Damage: 100.0%
FLZ SK-Swarm 18 (28533) - Ship
Imperial Swarm Class Carrier {Medium Ablative Armour}
Armour: 13.1
Hull Damage: 100.0%

*snippage of equally bad news for the FLZ*

Forces of the Empire of the Race have been ordered to bases for a week while the Party for War considers the next stage.

Reporters here at the SSS/IGN newsroom confirm that more than 20 FLZ warships were destroyed, with no reported casualties amongst the Confederate fleet.

*** Confederates Deploy Anti-Matter ***

Despite their repeated and strong condemnations of the DTR for deploying Anti-Matter warheads, the Confederate Naval Forces have been strong in their defence of their deployment of AM warheads against the Flagritz, stating that it was all the DTRs fault.

And not because some sneaky biscuit-munching Detinus agent snuck onboard their ships and replaced their torpedos with Anti-Matter warheads, no, because… some other reason. Definitely not the sneaky agent biscuit thing though.

As came up at the time of the DTR deployment of course, the use of Anti-matter in deep space is generally not considered itself a violation of the Tau Ceti agreement, though one interesting observation was made by an Imperial authority, that the Tau Ceti agreement only bounds the human affiliations, and provides no protection to alien species.

So that’s you aliens screwed then.

*** DTR Deny Exploding Biscuits ***

A lawsuit has been dismissed whereby Mister P. Eckish of the Peripheries had tried to claim compensation from the Detinus Republic for injuries incurred during a horrific Jaffa Cake accident.

The courts found there was no case to answer, as there is no firm evidence that the DTR have weaponised biscuits, despite rumours to the contrary.

*** More FUN News ***

A CNF scout ship was destroyed at the Stargate within Twilight this week but have begged not to expand the hostilities.

Apologies it seems some intoxicated juvenile delinquents decided to take a confederate yacht for a joy ride thorough the Solo stargate into Twilight.
Hope it didn't cause too much paper work or disturb your evening.

A manufacturer recall is under way to add new security features to prevent the hot wiring of our ships by your average 5 year old.

*** Wimbles Missing – Peripheries Alarmed! ***

News of the disappearance of the Wimbles is gaining more traction this week, as more and more authorities are attempting to make contact with the timid gentle race.

In response to these concerns, we have heard that the Terrorist Kanji may be holding a charity event in benefit of the Wimble race…

… oh no, wait, that should read, we have heard that the Terrorist Kanji may have killed them all and baked them into a giant planetoid-sized pie. One reporter was heard to exclaim, ‘That’s no moon!’

*** DTR Press Release ***

Earlier this week, the single DTR Heavy Cruiser "Blue C-6" attached to Task Group RIGHTEOUS ZEAL engaged a squadron of ten Imperial Heavy Cruisers in order to defend an unarmed transport ship in Venice. Despite taking significant damage to hull and internal items from heavy energy weapon fire, the Blue C-6 successfully covered the retreat of the transport ship, and even engaged the fleeing Imperials the following day.

The dedication and exemplary combat performance of Commander Simpson, the Commanding Officer of the Blue C-6, has been personally commended in the Senate by Senator Tenor.

*** Naplians Wave Sticks ***

The following transmission has been broadcast across the space-waves, confounding the general expectation that the Naplians generally didn’t understand broadcast technology:

“I Jadef Tor Ruler of Naplian Nation herby give notice to any survivors of the criminals calling themselves the DNA to surrender and you shall be shown mercy however should you feel unable to kneel before me you should consider yourselves castaway and you will be hunted for sport you Must humble yourselves to my orders .

CIC Lecota Toombs Free Naplian Forces.”

The presence of DNA forces still in the Peripheries comes as something of a surprise to some, who assumed the DNA perished some time ago along with their erstwhile yet accurately named leader, Mad Max. Indeed if there are still some DNA flags flying, it marks something of a record for the Peripheries second most resilient suicidal lunatics.

*** Hive Dating Website Flops Amongst Concerns ***

The newly launched Meet-A-Hive website has been forced to close after just one week in business, following repeated complaints that sentients were returning from dates with the Hive they had met online with alien eggs implanted in their chests.

We were unable to contact the operator of the Meet-A-Hive website for comment, as they were too busy cocooning our interns.

*** Raiders Raided By Raiders ***

Two small DTR warships have been caught and destroyed by Empire patrol forces in the Boltzman system, while a further two have been destroyed in the Aladdin system.

***** Overlord Kang’s Column Of Agony *****

Dear Uncle Kang

Yesterday I sentenced a child to 20 years internment for littering in a public location and four others to four years for aiding and abbeting. They said that the chocolate bar wrapper was blown out of their hand by the gale force winds but as I said to them the law is final and can only be stretched when it suits Imperial command The looks on their faces as they received their sentences was something I won't forget anytime soon.

But what concerns me is that I've recently had a craving for biscuits and a cup of tea to dunk them in. I've not felt the need to go shoe shopping but am I on the perilous road to Republicanism?


Peckish of the Inner Capellan

Citizen Peckish IF THAT IS INDEED YOUR REAL NAME! Overlord Kang will solve your concerns.

Answer Kang this, Citizen Peckish, is your core personality so WEAK and FEEBLE that you fear it can be SUBSUMED and ALTERED by a MERE PACKET OF BISCUITS!?


Kang does not know what this ‘Republicanism’ thing is you mention, but it sounds to Kang like some infection of humanity, perhaps some sort of foot sore, and thus a matter for you lesser races beneath his concern. But rest assured of this one fact Citizen Peckish, IT IS NOT TEA AND BISCUITS YOU SHOULD BE AFRAID OF! YOU SHOULD BE AFRAID OF OVERLORD KANG FINDING WHERE YOU LIVE AND THRUSTING HIS TERTIARY TENTACLE SO FAR DOWN YOUR GULLET THAT YOU RUPTURE!

Kang does however applaud of your attitude towards your younglings. Kang approves of brutal internments. Kang can only hope these youngsters spent many years in pain learning the errors of their littering ways.

Signed with broken remains of kitchen staff – KANG!

***** A Moment In History *****

The pulsating green spheroid of the vessel shimmered faintly in the light of the distant star, floating in deep space on the edge of the Lost system. The location was chosen purposefully for the lack of significant stellar bodies and known ISR stability to rule out any possible interference... or possible major disasters. The sensor sweeps of the companion monitoring ship revealed the interior composition of the prototype test ship in great detail.


{20 Light Hulls} Graape Class Interceptor {No Armour}

5 AI Combat Navigator mkIV (923) - 10 mus
1 Battle Bridge (101) - 50 mus
1 Cargo Bay (134) - 25 mus
1 Cargo Hold (180) - 100 mus
1 Exploration Module mkIV (139) - 40 mus
1 Inertial Damper mkII (196) - 40 mus
1 Integrity Stabilizer mkII (191) - 40 mus
10 Interior Bulkhead (2150) - 10 mus
2 ISR Type 3 Engines (150) - 20 mus
1 Jump Drive - AML (1960) - 200 mus [S]
1 Jump Drive - Backup (176) - 10 mus
1 MOH Mind Pod (950) - 5 mus
20 Sensor mkIV (106) - 10 mus
25 Thrust Engine mkIV (163) - 20 mus

Engineered from the finest marque 4, light organic hulls that Mohache factories could produce, the vessel was clearly built for stability and resistance to damage with the Integrity Stabiliser and Inertial Damper harmonising to reduce the impact of manoeuvres. One sole lifeform on board was a Mohache crewman, chosen from the volunteers packing the pubs and food halls surrounding the great shipyard complexes at the Mohache home system capital starbase, Tranquility Gate.

The crewman was sealed inside his Mohache Mind Pod, which took care of all of his bodily needs while interfaced directly with the AI of the vessel, working in synergy with his thoughts.

Earning his adult name was the reward for this Mohache, a name bestowed upon both the ship and him.

Jumps With Anxiety.

Subspace Static - Star Date 213.17  [Recruit]

No issue this week.
or possibly it could have been a previous week not sure what happened

Subspace Static - Star Date 213.18  [Recruit]

No issue this week.

Subspace Static - Star Date 213.19  [Recruit]

No issue this week.

Subspace Static - Star Date 213.20  [Recruit]

Subspace Static - Star Date 213.20.5

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Fleet Engagement ***

It appears as if elements of the DTR fleet has sortied from their headquarters this week, with scattered reports of battles coming in from several locations around the rapidly shrinking Detinus Republic.

The first battle was reported in the Faery system, where a DTR force engaged and destroyed 36 Empire fleet support freighters.

The second report comes from the Badlands system, where the same DTR strike fleet appears to have moved on after their battle in Faery, where they intercepted and destroyed 19 GTT heavy cruisers, for the loss of none of their own.

The EMP will hardly be smarting after the loss of 36 freighters and 19 cruisers, but it is some much-needed good news for the beleagured under-fire DTR.

*** Skirmish In Solo ***

A small squadron of DTR freighters has run into an armed Confederate patrol in the Solo system which opened fire at extreme range causing the freighters to flee.

A protest has been lodged with the Kastorian Military Junta, who will probably treat it with as much interest as every other protest that has ever been lodged with them.

*** DTR Raid ***

Despite recent losses, the DTR raiding squadrons have managed to keep operating, this week hitting a GTT mining facility in the Erasure system:

GTT Erasure Ast Mine Pg1 (46619) - Outpost
Targeted by DTR CL 88 GLADIUS CC SEX (41577) - 3171 [6080] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 88 SHARK (20730) - 5580 [9612] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 88 AMPHION II (60903) - 15024 [24298] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 88 KIEV (50397) - 10664 [17272] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 194 AMBERJACK (67003) - 2514 [4151] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 88 LOIRE II (93156) - 14036 [23590] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 88 YELNYA II (82279) - 5511 [10080] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 194 CISCO (99636) - 15254 [25199] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 88 GLADIUS CC TRES (66642) - 3902 [6640] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 88 GLADIUS CC UNUS ET VIGINTI (84266) - 8706 [13680]
Targeted by DTR CL 88 TULA II (59844) - 48401 [67760] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 88 NYMPHE II (16173) - 14492 [23287] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 88 GLADIUS CC QUINDECIM (59000) - 10194 [15120] Damage

The raiders are understood to have escaped having reduced the facility to a smoking crater.

*** Wimbles Rise? ***

It appears after some time in the wilderness, a new leader has risen to rank of Grandfather of the Wimble nation, going by the name and rank of Brigadier General James Sehorn.

The Brigadier has preached a new ‘Way Of The Wimble’ with strong words, that suggest the new Wimbles may be somewhat more robust in their defence than the Wimbles have typically been known.

Alien experts have argued that this may have be an evolutionary response to the predations of the terrorist Kanji.

*** Diaz ***

Reports have surfaced that the retired Speaker of the DTR, Michelle Diaz, may be very ill.

Further details are as of yet unknown.

*** Kastorian Civil War ***

There are a few indications that the Kastorian civil war may be hotting up, with reports that the Kastor Kastorians have destroyed a Yank Kastorian broadsword in the Solo system, accompanying the action with a broadcast stating the Yank Kastorians are incapable of holding or defending the Solo system.

*** Skirmish In Venice ***

A small altercation has occurred in the Venice system when DTR forces engaged a Confederate battle group at long range as it was moving away.

The incident is of little note other than the fact that the CNF warships fired Anti-Matter warheads:

Date 20.5: CNF WIPE OUT 4 (87204) is leaving combat, opening fire at maximum range.
Attacking CNF WIPE OUT 4 (87204)
Round 1: 7 Nova Cannons
- 5 hits - 249 [400] damage - 95%

Incoming Fire from CNF WIPE OUT 4 (87204)
Round 1: 6 WoMD Launcher mkIVs (AM Missile)
- 3 hits - 1196 [1500] damage - 98%
- Point Defence shot down 3 AM Missiles

**** Confederate Network News Information Release ****

Following speculation concerning the Wimble Affiliation, The Confederate Supreme Commander has authorised the release of information pertaining to the events after 'the Battle of Meteora', when Supreme Commander Laton (the then CIA DCI) took the fight to the Pirate-Terrorist Kanji within the Yank System.

Upon discovering the atrocity known as 'Wimble Pie', the CIA had the contents of such vile items removed and placed into a ceremonial casket named 'the Chest of the Fallen Wimble'. The Chest, along with a CIA escort, was delivered to the Wimbles in a grand ceremony.

Special Action/WMB/Rolling Acres/Arrival of CIA Vessels
Preparations are made to welcome the CIA ambassadors who will be escorting the Chest of the Fallen Wimble - the remains of the Wimbles recovered after the sacking of Kanji's starbase here in Yank. The base is on high alert and an honour guard is prepared.

A reception is also organised though out of respect for the dead, no pies will be served!

(Related to Special Action/WMB/Rolling Acres/Arrival of CIA Vessels)

Hold a grand ceremony within the starport of the Wimble starbase.

Duke Laton, along with the officer of the ship Trident, will oversee the unloading of the Chest
of the Fallen Wimble (32186) from the cargo ship Beaky and deliver this to the ceremony.

Have the Chest of the Fallen Wimble placed before the assembled wimble people.
Laton will deliver a grand speech to the assembled wimble people. He is to say this ceremony will give closure to the CIA people assembled, who discovered the remains of the wimble people.
This will also help the families of the wimble people lost at the hands of the madman Kanji. He is to continue, saying even though our people meet at this sad time, he wishes we can grow more friendlier over the coming years and visit the wimble people more often.
Laton will finish his speech by inviting the Wimble Grandfather Oran Guutan to say some words to the crowd.
After all the speeches have been carried out, all the CIA person will walk slowly past the Chest placing a single hand onto the chest as a symbol of healing before going to enjoy themselves at the feasts held around the starbase.

Laton and the officer will mingle with wimble dignatories, enjoying the food and swapping tales, before returning back to the ships.
Special Action/WMB Starbase Rolling Acres (88338)/Delivery of the Chest of the Fallen Wimble/211.3

Duke Laton of the CIA personally oversees the funeral spectacle that is the ceremony of handing over the Chest of the Fallen Wimble. This remarkable object contains the remains of the wimbles, the demise of which is not spoken about in polite society, but which were recovered by a CIA raid against the agents of the detested insane pirate Kanji.
A short speech is given and friendly overtures made between Laton and Wimble Grandfather Oran Guutan.
The scene is somewhat morbid and even the following feast is less than enthusiastic (by Wimble
standards at least) to the point where there are even wimbles apologetically quitting before
their fourth helping.

Special Action/WMB Starbase Rolling Acres (88338)/Delivery of the Chest of the Fallen Wimble/Oran's Speech/211.3

Following the official delivery of the Chest of the Fallen Wimble by Duke Laton, Grandfather
Oran gives a short speech to the assembled wimbles and other personnel of the base. Within the speech are elements of praise for the actions of the CIA in recovering the remains and showing that the sentient species of the Peripheries can work together to the benefit of all.

It is probable that Oran would say more, but not before getting more comfortable, which for a wimble means food and drink. The crew of the three CIA ships are therefore invited to a solemn mourning feast in honour of the CIA and the Dead. No doubt this day will be remembered as No-Pie day in years to come.

As the Confederacy is slowly coming to the ideal that aliens races are not all a threat to our way of life, the observance of 'No-Pie Day' is observed throughout the Confederacy to this day.

*** Market Closure ***

Greetings traders of the peripheries,

As of 213.20.1, the market at Dark Sun City, on Falconia, Acropolis system, will be temporarily closing. It is hoped that the market will only remain closed for a week or two, before it is reopened updated, revitalised and buying and selling many goods at competitive prices.

Anyone wishing to see certain items remain on the market, or have suggestions for additions to the market, are encouraged to contact myself via PM.

Mercator Temuchin
Governer, FCN Dark Sun City (586)

*** Outpost Lottery ***

We still have a few outposts to offer, and since I don't want to wait much longer for my deserved retirement we will hold an outpost lottery. Anyone interested in a free outpost please send me a private message with a position number. Free outposts will be transferred randomly to participants. To make it more interesting, I will add a couple of debris piles to the mix and one prize of 100,000 stellars. Are you feeling lucky? Enter today and see if you'll get a nice outpost, a cash prize, or a pile of junk. Good luck!

Sandra Beckett
Secretary to House Ravenstone

***** Overlord Kang’s Column Of Agony *****

Dear Uncle Kang,

Me and my neighbour, Deeter, have been living around here for a long, long time and rarely seem to see eye to eye. Sometimes all is quiet and we get on with our own lives but recently something of a war has broken out between us.

I can't remember who started it, or which slight , slur or betrayal came first. It all seems to have started so long ago. So I send the boys round to rough him up and he returns the favour by randomly shooting my things. Then the snubs and insults start flying back and forth and it descends into another round of violence. Whenever we try to talk about it, it seems to circle around the same old arguments about who did what to whom.

It seems things are getting worse, with more extreme acts of violence of late and I fear it won't stop until the whole place burns down.

Care to offer some words on how we can resolve things amicably and rebuild bridges instead of laying blame?

Impey (Mr.)

PS: What is your take on galactic peace?

Mister Impey,

Your pathetic attempts at analogy are wasted on Overlord Kang, as Overlord Kang sincerely believes the only solution to any problem is to increase the level of violence to the point at which only KANG is left standing on the field of battle.

Therefore Kang perceives the trap laid in your words of weakness, asking such things as ‘amicable’ and ‘bridge building’, YOU WILL NOT SUCKER KANG INTO ENDORSING SUCH WEAKNESSES!

No, Kang says you must tear down as many bridges as possible, it simply does not matter who started it, IT ONLY MATTERS WHO ENDS IT! PERMANENTLY! WITH BLOOD AND GUTS ALL OVER THE FLOOR!

Kang recalls many happy family gatherings.



Only when you have crawled through the entrails of your brother can you perceive the true nature of this Universe Mister Impey. All things are of blood, spilt upon the floor.

KANG TIRES OF COMING OVER ALL PSYCHOLOGICAL! This is Overlord Kang’s take on galactic peace.

Signed with torn up treaties – KANG!

***** Message From The Editor *****

The dates for the annual pubmeet have been announced by Mica:

The date is Friday 22nd - Sun 24th November
Usual place, Sutton Park

Is open for business...
All email addresses will now be controlled from the nexus. Please:
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  • Update your password - and use something secure that you do not use elsewhere.

If you don't do this turns will stop arriving via email on the 25th of may

You can managed saved passwords :

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If you have any problems login into the site please try your

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As part of the update outlined in the 7th February post, turn fees have been increased as from today.

Turn Fees
******Empire Syndicated News Network (ESNN) ******

user image

Welcome to the new version of ESNN (formally CSNN), giving the news and views from the former CSNN's reporter and news anchor, Ainsley Moore, making this the peripheries' most favourite unbiased publication in the known universe,

And so with the news,
***** Inter Galactic News *****

A Detinus expeditionary force is being assembled to liberate slaves in the Twilight Periphery. Stung by the wit of the Wimble Dinash, Admiral Bridge is leading a personal and sizeable force against the newly constituted Flagritz Republic.

The Wimble Bake Off has new competition with the Dominion instituting a Master Chef competition in the Orion Spur. This is all said to be a cover for further land grabs and in preparation for a move against the Hive and Dewiek, tipping the balance further in the Stellar Empire’s favour.

Meanwhile, the Wimbles struck off a number of hapless Wimbles under their new rules. To cement their plan to align themselves with the Stellar Empire, they have offered the services of their new masters to the Emperor.

Several hundred thousand slaves have been released by the Flagritz Republic but the terms of their manumission are unclear. Millions more await their emancipation. Many have refused to accept freedom without transit home, especially those brought in from outside peripheries. Many reportedly were captured by the Stellar Empire from the Detinus Republic and then sold on to the Flagritz.

***** Inter Galactic News *****

The ship PRV HarCop Omega has been reported both in Orion and Corewards. This was the flagship of the former League Chairman, sacked from the role when the League went into administration and quietly disappearing beyond the edge of known space. It is thought that his return may have been for a clandestine meeting with his former contacts in Harlong and Coptuv. If so then he clearly has an agenda.

Unconfirmed stories that the Pirate King of The Pirate Holes and Million Islands is near completing research on the various larger ships his pirates have successfully captured over the past few years (big thanks to all the affiliations that participated in 'donating' ships). If the rumours are true it is likely a new armada of pirate ships using more advanced technology will be found in Corewards in the near future.

An supernova has been detected originating from just beyond the Transpiral Periphery. The rare event has created ripples in the subspace of the nearby stars. Nobody has reported any tangible ramifications but this is the first supernova in the current age of the Peripheries so esoteric scientists are excited by the prospect of grants to study the relatively nearby phenomena.
***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Wimbles Crisis Solved ***

The Wimble Crisis of 217 has come to an end with the human Baron making way to the wimble Grandfather Paden Mastaak. Celebrations were held in Wimbledon upon the news with crack teams of Wimble security staff guarding all the pies.

It’s unclear how long the Wimbles will enjoy this new era of peace and self-determination.

Vocal Wimble Dinasha, one of Paden’s early backers, has chosen this precarious moment to bait Dewiek, Flagritz and humans who were initially disposed to be friendly to the new administration. Whilst the Wimbles' history with the former-slave-loving Flagritz could be understood, their animosity towards the Dewiek and humans was more mysterious. One insider alluded to a rise in the number of cases of foot-and-mouth across the herd as being a likely cause.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * Storm in a Teacup *** Yahn Bares All * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door ***

The stargates are closed! Reports from multiple sources indicate at least three of the stargates, all within Dewiek controlled systems, have been closed.

Two different sources have indicated that the TCA have been spotted recently in a number of systems and may be behind this turn of events. A scan sent to the SSS indicated eight TCA ships were recently spotted first in the Faery system and later near the Kasmer stargate.

Another source, suspiciously put the blame on the ARC, suggesting the ARC and DEN were working together because they “need to trap [the TCA] and try and finish them off after the DEN bodged their operation to protect the ARC while they incinerated the MEK homeworld, which ended up with several ARC ships being destroyed and the job only being half done."

However, with no public statement from the Dewiek themselves, its hard to know whether these rumours are reliable.

Lord Igor of the Dominion and Erasmus Andersen of the Garcia Family both offered public apologies at the delay in meeting their trade commitments because of the recent closures. The not-so-subtle subtext being that someone will pay with blood for this interference in their business. Or at least with a stealthy price rise.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * Wimble Civil Strife * Who Sniffs the Sniffers? * Largin’ It * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Videtis quantum scelus contra rem publicam vobis nuntiatum sit? ***

The Flagritz Empire is no more! The Flagritz Republic is reborn! Quick on the heel of the collapse of the Empire, the Fessin caste declared a new era of foreign and economic policy with a rapid withdrawal behind the Black Gate.

The new ecologically-friendly Prime Minister Kayxaer, asked for patience as “economic” reforms were undertaken. It remains to be seen whether there will be any price to pay for the dramatic changes being made by the reclusive Flagritzi or whether it will all be sunshine and rainbows going forward.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * Large at Large * &etc


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Persistent Browser-Based Game (PBBG)

I’ve played on and off for approximately 10 years, over a 20 year spell. After some interesting debate on the in-game forum, I did wonder what, exactly, has kept drawing me back to the game, when for so many others I’ve generally lost interest after a few months.

Ultimately, I think it is a combination of automation (that allows the game to handle thousands of positions to interact on a daily basis) coupled with Special Actions (that allow the story arc to develop in a way that could not be catered for by a set of predefined list of available orders).