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208.26 - 208.30

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Subspace Static - 208.26  [Recruit]

No issue for this week.

Subspace Static - 208.27  [Recruit]


Conflict between the Consortium and the Flagritz flared up these past weeks, with a series of battles occurring in the Battlefield system when a major FLZ incursion consisting primarily of the personal guard of Lord Goth attempted to strike at various Consortium targets.
The Flagritz fleet is understood to have run smack into an SMS squadron before it reached the wormhole or any of the planet orbits. The SMS squadron was larger but consisted primarily of heavy cruisers which were heavily outmatched by the superior FLZ vessels that consisted of Imperatritsa Mariya Class Capital Ships supported by Pike and Falchion heavy cruisers. Several ex-GTT Warspite Gothic class Capital ships were also spotted.
This initial clash resulted in the loss of three SMS Broadsword class heavy cruisers, and things could have been much worse if a squadron of Felini designed Sabre Tooth Snarl Class Capital ships had not been attached to the SMS squadron.
Concurrent with this action another FLZ fleet was detected transitting the Inferno stargate.
Day two of the battle saw the Flagritz forces attempting to withdraw as significant Consortium re-inforcements arrived. Several FLZ ships were badly damaged as they initiated ISR-engines to exit the system, with SSS reporters stationed with the SMS fleet confirming the destruction of at least 4 Warrior class capital ships with heavy damage inflicted on at least 5 Warriors, and 5 of the Imperatritsa Mariya's.
Multiple SMS patrols began scouring the outer regions of the system searching for stragglers who might have been too damaged to escape, detecting and firing upon several more FLZ warships with at least one more Warrior class capital being destroyed.
The final tally indicates the loss of three SMS Broadswords, and at least 4 100HH FLZ Warriors and one 150HH capital, making this engagement a victory for Consortium forces.

This is public service announcement from the offices of GT Spugman vpd of
the Regular Independent Privateers.
The announcement reads :
"The Masters system is not a public right of way. nor is it a short cut to
riches beyond measure. it's not open for you to explore, colonise, exploit,
travel through or hold candlelit dinners for two in.
There are no trade opportunities in Masters, there are no planets made of
gold for you to strip mine and there are no strategic jump points for you to
use as a staging posts for anything you may think of staging!
Let me put this plainly . KEEP OUT!"
Thank you for taking the time to read this public service announcement. a
copy of the Masters system message is printed here for your convenience.
Have a nice day!
RIP GT Spugman

-- Masters System Message -
This system is claimed by RIP Brass Monkeys for the RIP.
All visitors are required to enter orbit of Firesong and submit to a customs
Have a nice day. :)
-- End --

Claim Jumping
Somebody in the Rebellion system has allegedly been poaching on GTT lands, as the following press release from GTT central command indicates:
Someone is creaming off a small percentage of trade goods in the Rebellion system on Stinkbug that they should not be.
It has gone unnoticed so far as the amount being taken has been minimal.
This is a polite request for them to stop before the GTT need to consider more direct action to stop this happening.
If you wish to discuss the issue please contact me.
Many thanks,
Xavier Fox

The IGN newsroom has yet to hear any report on who the guilty party might or might not be. Though we point the finger of blame at the dread Wimble/Mohache alliance in the meantime.

A FLZ Cygnet class scout has been intercepted and destroyed by an SMS patrol in the Battlefield system. Heavily outnumbered and outgunned, the Cygnet failed to get off any shots, though a minor collision was reported amongst the SMS patrol which caused light damage to an SMS heavy cruiser.

A further FLZ scout has been destroyed in Battlefield. Understood to have been part of the attacking fleet that was solidly routed earlier in the week, the FLZ Barak'Mor, an ex Hive Caste Wraith Destroyer was destroyed when it reconnoitred its way into the claws of a Felini strike fleet. A Felini source has described this action as 'Adding weight to our already considerable victory of consortium forces over the FLZ'.

Reports are coming in of a small FLZ raid against FEL outposts in the Skye system. 4 gunboats bombarded two outposts causing what has been described as 'moderate' damage.

The SMS vessel Tutti Frutti had a surprise this week when picking up salvage and survivors from the destroyed FLZ vessel Warrior 51.
On questioning by SMS security personnel, Captain Rigley of the Warrior 51 claimed to be from the GTT, and even had the correct papers to prove this, leading to some confusion over a potential link between the GTT and the FLZ.

The pirate defences of Pompeii are, according to APTF sources, growing stronger by the day, and with the APTF struggling to bring together sufficient manpower to recapture the base deep inside Imperial space, the fate of whatever civilians might still be alive in the base is surely dire indeed.
There was a brief flare of fighting this week when speculative pirate artillery fire ranged against potential targets, several pirate scouting parties were also apparently destroyed during a confused action.
A number of dark and unpleasant rumours are beginning to surface regarding the Pompeii affair…

AFT defences are strengthening, with the Wolfpack mercs reporting having attacked 4 AFT outposts in the Steel system in the last week, only to be defeated by strong marine contingents who had apparently only recently been transferred to the facilities.
Share holders in the AFT are however reported to be concerned with the mounting costs of these defensive operations, that are cutting heavily into AFT profit margins.

Comms Blackouts
Mysterious communications blackouts are occurring across the Sub Space Static, with technical experts baffled, speculation mounts that the Wimble/Mohache alliance might be testing some sort of super communications blackout weapon as part of their evil plan to take over the Universe.

Pirate Large
A number of scout ships bearing the name of Pirate Large have been active throughout the peripheries this week, including one, The Ears Of Large, which entered orbit of the Confederate Starbase Gethsemane in orbit of Airburst in the Ruin system.
The pirate scout was destroyed with all hands by the orbital defence platform Airburst Station.

**Periphery Classifieds**

Contact Request
New Darien.
Could the Governor of this base please contact Brother Armand BHD regarding trading possibilities

Contact Request
Could a representative of RIP Lair II in Madonna system please contact me regarding potential trade opportunities? TIA
Dariush Shirazi (10777)
New Persia Project
SMS Corunna (3380)

Contact Request
Could a senior representative of the Falconians contact me by PM or email
Dariush Shirazi (10777)
New Persia Project
SMS Corunna (3380)
Email: monkeyx AT gmail DOT com

Starbase For Sale
1 Starbase
1 (known) previous owner (maybe be slightly disgruntled with new owner)
Lots of minerals for factories
Fairly well defended
No local starbases fighting for resources on same planet (at the moment)
plenty of factories to aid in production
a fully functioning manned facility.
some small dents, and many dead bodies outside front gates.
would accept 1.5 million stellars, no questions asked.
Please contact Pirate Large if your interested.
(some conditions apply)

Contact Request
Would a member of the FCN interested in Trade please contact my office via a PM.
Duke Githyanki
Imperial Command Council
Trade & Commerce Minister

Contact Request
Can the owner of Prodis, the Falconian base in Yank, get in touch please.
With regard to trade possibilities.
Xavier Fox
GTT vpd

Hey! You!
PIRATE SHIP GHOST (14370) - {3 Heavy Hulls} - Attacking
PIRATE SHIP GHOST (53919) - {3 Heavy Hulls} - Attacking
Could whomever flew these in please contact me via PM
IC Diego 'Diablo' Sanchez
VSC Periphery Director

DIY Pirate Kit
Are you bored with sitting around playing with your self during these steady times...........
Do you need excitement that doesnt involve a Kleenex tissue................
Are you looking for (not by customers choice)
Then Piracy could be for you.
Pirate Large enterprises is offering you the chance at piracy........
there are 2 packages available and there is a build time to factor in to this, but we can sort you out.
1 75HH boarding ship and 10 scouts (sizes vary, please read blurb or get lost) for 150000 stellars (fully equipped with marines on boarding ship)
Or 1 50HH boarding ship and 10 scouts (Varying sizes etc etc) for 135000 stellars (with marines etc etc )

these ships will be player owned, non traceable, some previous owners (conditions apply) and come with Pirate Larges own seaman stained certificate of authentication.
Please contact our offices to place your orders.....50% payable upfront, the rest on delivery of half the ships.

Contact Request
Would a representative of the COH please make contact with me via a PM.
Duke Githyanki
Imperial Command Council
Trade & Commerce Minister

**Message From The Editor**

Still playing catch-up, but I think I've got everything now. Might be a few things, but I'll find 'em in time for next weeks edition. Is the plan.
Apologies in advance if I've not quite got the FLZ/SMS battle report entirely accurate.
Editor: Simon Field - sss [dot] editor [at] googlemail [replacetoavoidspamdot] com

Subspace Static - 208.28  [Recruit]


There has been an alarming sighting in the Solo system this week when a vessel belonging to the mysterious and ancient race, the Architects, swooped out of the darkness in the outer rings of the system and annihilated an AFT vessel with no warning given.
The ARC ship Foundation, estimated at being equivalent to 400 heavy hulls in size, then vanished again, leaving behind the gutted remnants of the AFT vessel. The entire incident happened too quickly for other AFT assets at the location to even respond.
Our news-room has heard rumours that there may be a second ARC vessel present in the Solo system, going by the name of ARC Motivation. What the presence of the ARC vessels indicates is anybodies guess, but it surely cannot bode well for the inhabitants of the Peripheries.
Our sources also indicate that the ARC vessels may be moving in-system, towards the inhabited worlds…

Disaster has struck at Pompeii when Pirate Large dropped Starbase shields and opened up against the combined APTF ground party forming up on the planet surface.
It is at this time unknown how Large knew the location of the SMS flagged ground party, but one thing is for sure, in deploying its full range of Starbase weapons pirate Pompeii was able to inflict massive and crippling damage on the ground party, making the possibility of a ground assault to recapture the base a virtual impossibility.
The SMS Platform in orbit of Andshout was also destroyed, along with a single DTR APTF patrol cruiser that had been monitoring the situation. A number of other vessels belonging to other affiliations in orbit were not touched.
At time of press, despite having had its shields down for over a week, there has been no motion from the Imperial Services or anybody else to send a fleet into orbit to engage Pompeii now that its shields are down, and it is understood that the Starbase shield generators may already be in the process of re-charging.

New Pirate
The dread pirate captain Felix is reporting a success having captured the AFT freighter Marco Polo.
The attack occurred in orbit of Chuckle in the Dorn system when two pirate ships, the Ginger Tom and the Bloody Mary nudged up alongside the Marco Polo and initiated multiple boarding attempts.
The Bloody Mary was last sighted a few weeks ago attempting to board a GTT vessel.
Despite attempts to recapture the Marco Polo the next day, the AFT are reporting that the pirates made a clean getaway.

Pirate Large
It is understood that the base of Pirate Large in the Imperial system of Erasure that was discovered by the FET a few weeks ago, which then won a significant victory over a FET/DTR fleet that attempted to destroy it, is still in one piece and operating without interference from the Imperial authorities.
This, combined with the continued presence of the pirate base Pompeii, is starting to lead to strong rumours that Pirate Large has cut some sort of deal with the Imperial authorities to allow him to continue operating.
Independent observers cannot help but notice that IMP targets have suffered very little from the predations of Pirate Large. Further, when Pompeii dropped Starbase shields this week to obliterate the APTF ground party (which consisted primarily of SMS/BHD/CIA/FEL assets) and destroyed a DTR APTF vessel in orbit, IMP and DEN ships in orbit were left untargeted.
It would certainly be fair to say that with the amount of money Pirate Large has made in recent years, he can certainly afford to pay lucrative bribes if need be.

More successes for the Wolfpack this week, with the mercenary company reporting 4 more AFT kills, bringing the total to 39 AFT ships taken out over the last six months.

AFT Tonia's Joy (25865) - Ship
Free Trader Gx Class Fast Freighter {No Armour}
Hull Damage: 100.0%

AFT Plantaganet II (97450) - Ship
Carrier Class Freighter {No Armour}
Hull Damage: 100.0%

AFT Thisbe (12415) - Ship
Snowflake Class Troop Transport {No Armour}
Hull Damage: 100.0%

AFT Long Time Coming (75870) - Ship
Caravel Class Fast Freighter {No Armour}
Hull Damage: 100.0%

According to the Wolfpack there are reports of a pirate support ship being shot down. But they have confirmed that it was not shot down by the AFT, it was shot down by the Wolfpack for being a ship full of slackers that did not want to get stuck in.

PIRATE Blood Angel 02 (47378) - Ship
Javelin Class Heavy Cruiser {Heavy Ablative Armour}
Armour: 92.7 Hull Damage: 100.0%

RIP Declare War Against Architects
In a surprise announcement this week GT Spugman of the RIP has indicated that his organisation of fine upstanding sorts has been involved in a war against the mysterious alien Architects, having been quoted as saying: “the ARC shortly before the RIP destroyed them utterly."
We here at the Inter-Galactic News applaud the RIP for taking such a brave line on the matter of ARC-Relations, and we’re sure this has nothing at all to do with the recent sighting of ARC ships moving in the Solo system.

CIA Announcement
The following transmission has been received:
“This is Laton of the CIA,
It has come to our attention that we should inform you that nothing has happened in the OQ of Alpha 10 of the Titan (132) system this week.
Repeat - nothing has happened in the OQ of Alpha 10 of the Titan (132) system this week.
That is all.”

Now, this is exactly the sort of informative reporting that we here at the Inter-Galactic News thoroughly approve of.
And before you ask, no, we don’t know what happened in Alpha 10 either.

**Periphery Classifieds**

Seafood For Sale
Give your citizens a taste of exotic imported seafood from our beloved home system, transported with the aid of cryogenic interfaces to maintain it's distinctive flavouring and now available at Castillo de la Tormenta (3824) on Gale in Storm.
Yours for a meagre 1 stellar per mu.
Vehren Crabs (30593) - 1 mu
These have a rather distinctive taste that puts most people of tasting them but for those that enjoy them, they will happily pay over the odds
Item Type: Trade Good (Perishable)
Value at Source: 0.1 (Stellars/mu)
Origin System: Varitang
Origin Planet: Vehrenberg
IC Diego 'Diablo' Sanchez
VSC Periphery Director

Trade Enquiry
For the record... are QNG traders welcome in Acropolis & FCN Falencia?
Build Up Begins
Pure terror
The death cry of millions
Life instantly brought to an end
Why did I do this?
This crime
I must go on
I must get out of this selfimposed prison
Fear me

Tech For Sale
At FET Tortuga!

Editor: Simon Field - sss [dot] editor [at] googlemail [replacetoavoidspamdot] com

Subspace Static - 208.29  [Recruit]

No issue for this week.

Subspace Static - 208.30  [Recruit]

Inter Galactic News RIP Guilt Special

GTT Attack FLZ
News agencies are reporting that the GTT have launched a series of attacks against FLZ positions. The GTT have issued the following official statement:
”Our trade ships reported to us the use of slaves at a FLZ Starbase in the New Sussex system. Once it was confirmed a GTT fleet was send with ground forces to free the slaves from the life of forced labour.
The First two days saw the Space square A 6 and a fleet in D10 hit and a few outposts taken as well as the planet orbit cleared of ships and a platform.
It was at this point when the main ground forces were about to be sent in the CNF asked us to hold back while they find a peaceful way to deal with the slave issue.
What we have found out so far from the Slaves that have been found is that they are former employees that were turned on by the FLZ a while ago.
The mission was code-named Lincoln.”
According to observers, the FLZ lost two platforms and seven gunboats as GTT warships attacked, and possibly two Baseships that were docked at the outpost when it fell to the GTT marines.
IGN reporters have been able to interview the freed slaves from Outpost HK-MO-Arundel, encouraging them to speak out about what happened to them. At first they claimed to be legitimate employees of the Flagritz Empire until recently when they were turned on and forced into slave labour. They had been there just a few weeks before the GTT arrived and rescued them.
The Detinus Republic Foreign Minister Cassius Jerusalem was the first of several Periphery ministers to warmly congratulate the GTT for their brave operation, and successful rescue of the slaves from Flagritz tentacles. Greater questions have now been asked about the use of slaves throughout the Flagritz Republic as a whole.
The RIP however have been suspiciously quiet on the whole issue, leading to much speculation that they are in favour of slavery.

KST Vessel Destroyed
Admiral Lord Simms, the Imperial Viceroy, has announced the destruction of a Kastorian vessel this week: “I deeply regret to have to announce that a KST ship was accidentally destroyed in the orbit of Dogleg today, due to an incorrectly set battle program. On behalf of the Imperial Services I extend our condolences to the families of the crew of this ship. I am taking steps to ensure that it does not happen again and have approached my colleagues on the Triumvirate Council with a view to negotiating suitable compensation to the KST.”
Alexander Enterprises, speaking on behalf of the Kastorians, have accepted this apology, and have declined the offer of compensation, as the ship was small and not valuable.
The RIP are suspected to be behind the destruction of the vessel in some sinister and nefarious way.

Captain Blood
The sinister Captain blood has been reporting success this week, having made the following transmission:
“Aaaarrrghh !! It be a good day fer boarding yesterday.
I swoops in ta St.Dismas an grabs an AFT super carrier from under da nose of da escorts. Strange really as da escorts just sat dere an da Bloody Mary cruised past wivout bein shot at.
Da few AFT guys on board all died nice an quick too. No prisoners today.
Ta really sweeten da day dis ship turned out ta have a cargo hold half full of combat engines, an a Hyper-Drive installed. Hooo weee !!! I aint got ta play wiv one o den Hyper-Drives before!”
Tellingly, Captain Blood has yet to comment on rumours that he is a member of the RIP, and with no official word from the RIP on this allegation, the evidence of RIP guilt seems overwhelming.

Pirate Suicide Pact
A number of small pirate scout ships have responded to orders allegedly originating within the RIP command hierarchy, and launched suicide runs against a variety of targets throughout the Peripheries:
The pirate ship Ghost Of Dryad was destroyed by the SMS Starbase Blackmoon in the Dryad system.
The Ghost of Arachnid was destroyed by a DTR defensive platform in orbit of Aguime City.
The Ghost of Venice is understood to have had a close escape buzzing defences in the DTR home system of Venice.
The Ghost Of Solo was destroyed by the Flagritz in orbit of Hammer.
The Ghost Of Tychoon was destroyed by an Imperial Observation platform in Baruch orbit.
The Ghost Of T.Tauri, destroyed by a DTR platform in, you guessed it, T.Tauri.

A small number of Felini mercenaries have been reported as killed and captured within the Cluster periphery this week, when RIP agents allegedly reported their location to the Flagritz authorities.

Pirates In Rebellion
A small pirate ground force consisting of around 400 trained troops launched an assault this week against the Imperial outpost Eureka within the restricted area of Bork’s Dilemma.
The attackers were destroyed before they made any headway against the Imperial defenders.
The failure of the Pirates to claim any kills has been laid squarely at the door of the RIP, who allegedly manufactured the pirates feeble and ineffective weapons.

RIP deny involvement in Piracy and other dodgy stuff
G T Spugman of the RIP has posted the following official announcement on the RIP News Network:
“This is an official RIP announcement through official RIP channels aimed at everyone, everywhere ... officially.
"The RIP are not involved in anything as dirty or nefarious as Piracy or stealing or that sort of thing... honest!"
This announcement supersedes all other announcements and also covers any future accusations that will be made.
This announcement is not made in association with any possible rumours or leaks of information or anything... I just thought it about time I published my stance on these sorts of things...
By denying things in advance I am saving myself the trouble of going through the process of this every week when the IGN publish spurious untruths about us each week in their thoroughly disreputable publication the SSS.
There we go ... I feel much better now that I have got that off my chest!”
In other news, the RIP News Network is now running a Baby Eating Contest. We here at the Inter Galactic News utterly condemn these vile barbarians.

Architects Involved With RIP?
The Architect vessel Foundation has continued its passage through the Peripheries, with reported sightings at many locations throughout known space. These sightings, if all accurate, are starting to raise questions regarding precisely how the ARC move through space, as they appear to have a faster propulsion method than that provided by known jump engine designs.

There appear to be a cluster of sightings around stargates, indicating the ARC have some sort of interest in the Stargate network. But there have as yet been no reports of them transitting said gates.
There have been no further reported attacks on shipping, beyond the AFT vessel last week.

DTR Freighter Destroyed
The Detinus freighter Prado has been destroyed after docking with the Felini facility High Star.
It is understood the Prado was virtually falling apart as it limped into the High Star docking facility, however it seems as if a communications failure lead to the ship not having the correct docking permissions, and as it came to rest the Felini Marines stormed the vessel. Unfortunately their breaching charges are understood to have cracked the hull of the Prado, resulting in a catastrophic failure of the ships integrity, reducing it to debris on the docking bay around the ears of the captain and crew.
Despite many rumours, we cannot confirm that the Prado was a RIP-built vessel. And we can re-assure readers that RIP shipyards are amongst the best in the Peripheries. Allegedly.

Pompeii Recaptured
Imperial forces are reporting the recapturing of the pirate Starbase Pompeii, with only light casualties amongst the attacking Imperial troops.
The following press release was issued by the Imperial News agency:
“Breaking News.......
Imperial ground forces stormed into orbit of Andshout in the Pegasus system and in a daring move linked up with the SMS corporate ground forces already on the surface. All available transport from SMS Pompeii Defense was quickly merged with the highly mobile Army Gruppe Krieger, all corporate troops that could be carried on tanks and trucks was hauled away for a quick dash under the guns of Pompeii and established a strongly entrenched position in the starport section of Pompeii. SMS corporate forces, nominally under the IMPerial flag continued their slogging foot march toward Pompeii and encountered a line of PIRate skirmishers and quickly destroyed them. However, the newly unshielded missile batteries, rail guns and artillery of Pompeii totally destroyed this ground force as it remained in the open and unprotected. Marshal Blucher, on site commander of Army Gruppe Krieger was heard to say "brave but stupid". Army Gruppe Krieger immediately launched a full scale attack on Pompeii and has been locked in a four day battle with the PIRate defenders of Pompeii. The IMPerial maintain a strong advantage in infantry and armor and with the large allied blockade Pirate Large is not expected to bring in any reinforcements.

There is rampant specualtion among the troops on the surface about who will be the first to capture Pirate Large and collect the reward. Of course the SMS troopers currently attached to Army Gruppe Krieger may be a bit hard to control if they get to him first.
Suzy Soo
Capellan Periphery Times
Embedded with Army Gruppe Krieger”

Treasure Chest
The Imperial fleet has also been in action this week, having entered orbit of Pirate Larges hidden asteroid base in Erasure that was detected some weeks ago by the FET.
According to sparse reports from the Imperial Navy, they have been pounding away at the base for two days, and have taken only very light damage from a handful of weapons located in and around the pirate base.

Pirate Large
Rumours are circulating amongst the seediest dives of the Peripheries (all of which are of course operated by the RIP) that Pirate Large himself will be taking to the skies once more aboard his newly revamped flagship to plunder the spacelanes and generally cause havoc and mayhem.

Rockall Scouted
The SMS Starbase of Rockall has been scouted by pirate ground parties, sparking fears that Pirate Large might be about to strike again at a major SMS target.

**Periphery Classifieds**

Governor of Jadis (4468)
Please contact me via PM to discuss trade as soon as possible, before the RIP steal your Starbase.
Many thanks in advance.
IC Diego 'Diablo' Sanchez
VSC Periphery Director

Its been a month now and my children are getting ready.
I wonder what it will be.
I wonder ....

**Special Feature**

Rebirth Of A Nation, the Log Of Darius Shirazi.

Part 1. Prologue.

My ship arrived at Blackrock without much fanfare, which suited me for the moment. It had been over ten years, maybe twelve, since I had been in the Yank system and I was fortunate to be alive still. Blackrock didn't hold much appeal but I was thankful for the job with the SMS and so I had dutifully reported at the starbase to receive my first assignment. I didn't let thoughts of my diminished stature linger too long. There was too much to do yet.

My first priority was to establish myself as a loyal and hard working employee and to finance my brother and my wife's return to the Peripheries. I knew that, alone, I could not take the burden of expectations. Besides, I needed their expertise. Kuris, my younger and more like-able brother, was, despite his receding hairline and recently acquired girth, still the best damned captain I knew. And Maryam, my wife, well... it was a long time since she was governor of Aurora but she had lost none of her managerial skills. It would be good to see her apply some of that energy to running a serious enterprise again.

Dreaming about my missing family, I almost missed the call from the Company Commander. My first set of orders had come in and I punched in the coordinates to my next destination: Phoenix Retreat, where I was to sell the strange, rather pungent foods the Kastorians regarded as delicacies before they rotted in the small cargo hold of the ship. I felt young again, like the old days before ambition and responsibility had turned my hair gray. Running perishable cargo between colonies. Making a bit of profit. As the jump engines warmed up, I thought seriously about the undertaking I had devoted my life towards. How much simpler it would be to just take this ship and make an honest living trading. How much more sane it would be walk away from politics and responsibilities and dreams of empires long dead in the sand.

Thoughts of a free-wheelin' life trading and being responsible only for myself, turned my attention to a bit of subspace static which mentioned my old brethren, the AFT. I scanned the subspace channels to see what else I could learn and the news filled me with sadness. Reports kept coming in of AFT ships destroyed by some mercenaries. I wondered who was behind the mercs. It seemed the initial reports of a peaceful periphery troubled a little by piracy were inaccurate to say the least. I put away the AFT ship reports and scanned the limited information the SMS CC had provided access to about "our" own ongoing problems with pirates and the Flagritz Empire. Clearly, there was much more to it then my limited access would reveal at this time. I knew my first priority, after meeting my basic needs and making my new employers happy, would be to build up my own databanks. Scientia est potentia.

I almost didn't notice the incoming message from the CC as I committed tech manuals to memory for instant recall later, a habit my brother used to comment was a frightening waste of time. He never saw the need for memorizing data that was constantly available on every networked computer system however much I impressed him with the ability to recall specific data before he had a chance to give the voice commands to display it on screen. I read the message and smiled. Obviously, the SMS were understaffed and despite the war with the Flagritz had softened somewhat from the hardnosed corporation I remembered. Helpful and informative as ever, the CC had assigned me to manage a small starbase, Corunna, and its supporting outposts. It was self-supporting and would make a good start to things. Nothing to wake Maryam up for, though.

Finishing the delivery of delicacies, I punched in the coords to my new starbase and went to take a nap. I would need to be fresh when I met the employees at Corunna. There was much to do and my dreams were troubled with visions of the Peacock, the ancient symbol of my lineage and a portent towards destiny.

Editor: Simon Field - sss [dot] editor [at] googlemail [replacetoavoidspamdot] com

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As part of the update outlined in the 7th February post, turn fees have been increased as from today.

Turn Fees
******Empire Syndicated News Network (ESNN) ******

user image

Welcome to the new version of ESNN (formally CSNN), giving the news and views from the former CSNN's reporter and news anchor, Ainsley Moore, making this the peripheries' most favourite unbiased publication in the known universe,

And so with the news,
***** Inter Galactic News *****

A Detinus expeditionary force is being assembled to liberate slaves in the Twilight Periphery. Stung by the wit of the Wimble Dinash, Admiral Bridge is leading a personal and sizeable force against the newly constituted Flagritz Republic.

The Wimble Bake Off has new competition with the Dominion instituting a Master Chef competition in the Orion Spur. This is all said to be a cover for further land grabs and in preparation for a move against the Hive and Dewiek, tipping the balance further in the Stellar Empire’s favour.

Meanwhile, the Wimbles struck off a number of hapless Wimbles under their new rules. To cement their plan to align themselves with the Stellar Empire, they have offered the services of their new masters to the Emperor.

Several hundred thousand slaves have been released by the Flagritz Republic but the terms of their manumission are unclear. Millions more await their emancipation. Many have refused to accept freedom without transit home, especially those brought in from outside peripheries. Many reportedly were captured by the Stellar Empire from the Detinus Republic and then sold on to the Flagritz.

***** Inter Galactic News *****

The ship PRV HarCop Omega has been reported both in Orion and Corewards. This was the flagship of the former League Chairman, sacked from the role when the League went into administration and quietly disappearing beyond the edge of known space. It is thought that his return may have been for a clandestine meeting with his former contacts in Harlong and Coptuv. If so then he clearly has an agenda.

Unconfirmed stories that the Pirate King of The Pirate Holes and Million Islands is near completing research on the various larger ships his pirates have successfully captured over the past few years (big thanks to all the affiliations that participated in 'donating' ships). If the rumours are true it is likely a new armada of pirate ships using more advanced technology will be found in Corewards in the near future.

An supernova has been detected originating from just beyond the Transpiral Periphery. The rare event has created ripples in the subspace of the nearby stars. Nobody has reported any tangible ramifications but this is the first supernova in the current age of the Peripheries so esoteric scientists are excited by the prospect of grants to study the relatively nearby phenomena.
***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Wimbles Crisis Solved ***

The Wimble Crisis of 217 has come to an end with the human Baron making way to the wimble Grandfather Paden Mastaak. Celebrations were held in Wimbledon upon the news with crack teams of Wimble security staff guarding all the pies.

It’s unclear how long the Wimbles will enjoy this new era of peace and self-determination.

Vocal Wimble Dinasha, one of Paden’s early backers, has chosen this precarious moment to bait Dewiek, Flagritz and humans who were initially disposed to be friendly to the new administration. Whilst the Wimbles' history with the former-slave-loving Flagritz could be understood, their animosity towards the Dewiek and humans was more mysterious. One insider alluded to a rise in the number of cases of foot-and-mouth across the herd as being a likely cause.

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***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door ***

The stargates are closed! Reports from multiple sources indicate at least three of the stargates, all within Dewiek controlled systems, have been closed.

Two different sources have indicated that the TCA have been spotted recently in a number of systems and may be behind this turn of events. A scan sent to the SSS indicated eight TCA ships were recently spotted first in the Faery system and later near the Kasmer stargate.

Another source, suspiciously put the blame on the ARC, suggesting the ARC and DEN were working together because they “need to trap [the TCA] and try and finish them off after the DEN bodged their operation to protect the ARC while they incinerated the MEK homeworld, which ended up with several ARC ships being destroyed and the job only being half done."

However, with no public statement from the Dewiek themselves, its hard to know whether these rumours are reliable.

Lord Igor of the Dominion and Erasmus Andersen of the Garcia Family both offered public apologies at the delay in meeting their trade commitments because of the recent closures. The not-so-subtle subtext being that someone will pay with blood for this interference in their business. Or at least with a stealthy price rise.

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***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Videtis quantum scelus contra rem publicam vobis nuntiatum sit? ***

The Flagritz Empire is no more! The Flagritz Republic is reborn! Quick on the heel of the collapse of the Empire, the Fessin caste declared a new era of foreign and economic policy with a rapid withdrawal behind the Black Gate.

The new ecologically-friendly Prime Minister Kayxaer, asked for patience as “economic” reforms were undertaken. It remains to be seen whether there will be any price to pay for the dramatic changes being made by the reclusive Flagritzi or whether it will all be sunshine and rainbows going forward.

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Persistent Browser-Based Game (PBBG)

I’ve played on and off for approximately 10 years, over a 20 year spell. After some interesting debate on the in-game forum, I did wonder what, exactly, has kept drawing me back to the game, when for so many others I’ve generally lost interest after a few months.

Ultimately, I think it is a combination of automation (that allows the game to handle thousands of positions to interact on a daily basis) coupled with Special Actions (that allow the story arc to develop in a way that could not be catered for by a set of predefined list of available orders).