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No sss this week.

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No sss this week.

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No sss this week.

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No sss this week.

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No sss this week.

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RIP Go Boom

Details on the ground are scarce, but stories reaching our news-room suggest that the days of the RIP may be numbered, as the Imperial-Bloc has launched a series of direct military strikes against multiple RIP targets.

We have reports of a substantial ground assault going in against RIP Freedom City, which might or might not have run into heavier than expected resistence from RIP defenders.

The main RIP outpost on Gorgon has reportedly fallen to the IMP.

IMP Fleet Support vessels have been spotted mustering in the Masters system.

IMP Cruisers and Strike Cruisers are reported to be gathering in the Lewis system.

We have also received word that has been confirmed from multiple sources that the GTT have moved in on the RIP in the Demon system. By the sounds of it they don't have anything more than heavy cruisers and destroyers and some limited numbers of ground forces.

Sources report that the GTT involvement sounds a bit rushed and poorly thought through in contrast to the IMP actions, which seem to have been planned for some time now.

Speculation is mounting that the Imperial action is in response to the long-standing rumours of RIP support for the Wolfpack pirates.

Mohache Go Boom

A MOH freighter in the Venice system has run afoul of one of the DTR’s restricted access zones. The Deearu Accol, a Yew class transport, was engaged and destroyed by the Gamma 9 defence grid.

When asked why a friendly vessel had been destroyed, a Detinus commander remarked that all vessels, be they friend or foe, would be fired upon if they attempted to transit the G-9 orbital quadrant as this is the location of DTR Fleet Command.

Skirmishing In Yank

Imperial forces in the Yank system have recently destroyed a Real-Confederacy warship. While the legality of taking military action in the neutral Yank system is questionable, the IMP probably didn’t do themselves any favours by firing upon a Pirate Bane class cruiser that the RCF have claimed was en-route to intercept a pirate scout ship.

There has been no comment from the Kastorian military Junta, but we’re guessing the IMP have probably had to pay reparations.

Skirmishing In Solo

Imperial forces have fired upon and destroyed an Independent freighter in the Solo system, prompting condemnation from various sources including the Detinus Republic who have stated that the Solo system is a Free Trade Zone, and that INDs have every right to transit and trade there.

The Imperial forces for their part maintain that the IND in question was up to no good, and that all INDs are viewed with the deepest suspicion and should steer well clear of IMP facilities for their own safety.

The AFT, the current system holders for the Solo system, have yet to make a statement. Though with their military forces still smarting from their short sharp war with the GTT, it seems difficult to know how they will continue to maintain their system claim on Solo for much longer. Rumours indicate several other neutral powers may be waiting in the wings to take the system over, including the dread Mohache/Wimble alliance, the Krell, and the ARC.

Consortium In Action

The season of goodwill continues as the Consortium launch a massive series of operations against the Flagritz Empire.

A significant FEL/FCN/SMS fleet moved against the Inferno stargate, and began transitting through it to the Twilight Periphery. A FLZ platform in the Inferno system appears to have attempted to engage the fleet, causing the Falconian elements to peel off and cover the rest of the squadrons as they began jumping through the gate, though given the FLZ platform appears to have been armed with the massively outdated Pulse weapons, very little damage was done, and a number of FLZ freighters and light cruisers were destroyed.

Meanwhile the Consortium fleet on exiting the stargate in the Twilight system was engaged by a far larger FLZ platform, which had a significant supporting fleet of Base Ships and cruisers in attendance, along with a picket force of OPS vessels, which initially came to their overlords support.

A fierce space battle then erupted with heavy damage being inflicted to vessels on both sides. The Consortium forces appear to have taken the worst of it, as they were undermanned as the FLZ platform on the other side of the Stargate held up the rest of their forces for 24 hours. Falconian forces are understood to have taken particularly heavy casualties. At time of press the tide of battle seems to be turning in their favour however, as more and more Consortium reinforcements pour through the Stargate.

The question will no doubt be settled by how many reinforcements the Flagritz can bring to bare.

It is still not known if this is a raid in force by the Consortium, or a dedicated attempt to wrest control of the entrance to the Twilight Periphery, in order to expand their war against the FLZ into a whole new region of space.

FLZ Condemn Consortium Actions

Lord Sektor of the FLZ has appeared giving the following statement:

“It seems the Consortium, even the Falconian, who had sued for peace,
and keep on sueing for peace, for we have kept our promise to return
some prisioners, have attacked our installations at Inferno, thus
breaking the non aggression pact within IMP held territory.

I'll be very disapointed if the Commonwealth Emperor does not condemn
this action.”

The Commonwealth Triumverate itself has stated that actions in the Inferno system are nothing to do with the Commonwealth, as that system is claimed by and for the IMP.

The Imperial viceroy is understood to have asked the Consortium for an explanation of their actions.

Ship Destroyed

A Flagritz scout ship has been destroyed by Felini positions in the Crusade system.

Empress Sarah

There was some brief confusion this week as an IMP vessel bearing the famous name Empress Sarah was spotted in the Madonna system. After checking with the EEM however, this turned out not to be the real Empress Sarah, but an imposter.

It is unknown why the IMP should have commissioned a look-a-like for the Empress Sarah.

Halo System

Our news-room has begun receiving the first reports from the newly opened Halo Periphery:

System Agripeta (198) [HBO]:
Periphery: Halo
Jump Ring: 10
Radiation: 0
Celestial Bodies:

WormholeYank Express (9890){Gamma,1}
PlanetPrimus Adventor (1484){Alpha,3}
MoonPrimus Serviendus (8463){Alpha,3}
PlanetAn Aurum Concursus (4985){Gamma,6}
PlanetMei Mei Mei (2752){Beta,7}
Gas GiantLeonis Pars (3943){Alpha,10}
MoonOmnia Nitida (8754){Alpha,10}

System Message:
Halo Charter
Access is granted to the External zone of Halo to all parties by the Halo Benevolent Oligarchy (HBO).


The Halo Oligarchy will police within the bounds of the Halo Periphery and only within the bounds of the Halo Periphery. Only crimes committed within the Halo Periphery will be punished by the Oligarchy and then as the Oligarchy deems appropriate or convenient.

1st Laws:

No faction may conduct stellar cartography within the Halo Periphery. Any faction discovered undertaking Stellar Cartography will suffer reparation by the Oligarch Execution Fleet.

Only signatories of the Charter (referred to as Clients) may construct bases and otherwise colonise celestial bodies.

All bases must contribute to the HBO system claim. Failure to do so either through lack of troops or desire will be investigated by the Oligarch Execution Fleet at the Oligarch's pleasure.

Ships greater than 20,000mu are banned.

Warfleets greater than 20 are banned - this applies to fleets formed from multiple factions.

2nd Laws:

Any client agrees to construct no more than two bases on any single world. There are no limits to the size of base or platforms constructed. Platforms are limited to one per starbase. Action should be taken to reduce bases down to two and the appropriate quantity of platforms following any event where more come under the control of a single faction. A grace period will be given based on the events and a successful petition to the Oligarchy.

No faction may monopolize any world and permanent exclusion zones are prohibited. The Halo Oligarchy will decide when it considers a temporary defensive measure to have become a permanent exclusion zone by notifying the Oligarch Execution Fleet of the offense.

Conflict is permitted so long as the 1st Laws are not violated.

3rd Law:

Any client is permitted to enforce their own laws within the Halo Periphery as they see fit except where it violates either the client charter or the 1st or 2nd laws.

**Message From The Editor**

Welcome to the first of what will probably be several catch-up editions. The next should be a Christmas Special.

If anybody has any Christmas themed news stories they’d like to share, please send them along to me for inclusion over the next couple of days.



Editor: Simon Field - sss [dot] editor [at] googlemail [replacetoavoidspamdot] com

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No sss this week.

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As part of the update outlined in the 7th February post, turn fees have been increased as from today.

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******Empire Syndicated News Network (ESNN) ******

user image

Welcome to the new version of ESNN (formally CSNN), giving the news and views from the former CSNN's reporter and news anchor, Ainsley Moore, making this the peripheries' most favourite unbiased publication in the known universe,

And so with the news,
***** Inter Galactic News *****

A Detinus expeditionary force is being assembled to liberate slaves in the Twilight Periphery. Stung by the wit of the Wimble Dinash, Admiral Bridge is leading a personal and sizeable force against the newly constituted Flagritz Republic.

The Wimble Bake Off has new competition with the Dominion instituting a Master Chef competition in the Orion Spur. This is all said to be a cover for further land grabs and in preparation for a move against the Hive and Dewiek, tipping the balance further in the Stellar Empire’s favour.

Meanwhile, the Wimbles struck off a number of hapless Wimbles under their new rules. To cement their plan to align themselves with the Stellar Empire, they have offered the services of their new masters to the Emperor.

Several hundred thousand slaves have been released by the Flagritz Republic but the terms of their manumission are unclear. Millions more await their emancipation. Many have refused to accept freedom without transit home, especially those brought in from outside peripheries. Many reportedly were captured by the Stellar Empire from the Detinus Republic and then sold on to the Flagritz.

***** Inter Galactic News *****

The ship PRV HarCop Omega has been reported both in Orion and Corewards. This was the flagship of the former League Chairman, sacked from the role when the League went into administration and quietly disappearing beyond the edge of known space. It is thought that his return may have been for a clandestine meeting with his former contacts in Harlong and Coptuv. If so then he clearly has an agenda.

Unconfirmed stories that the Pirate King of The Pirate Holes and Million Islands is near completing research on the various larger ships his pirates have successfully captured over the past few years (big thanks to all the affiliations that participated in 'donating' ships). If the rumours are true it is likely a new armada of pirate ships using more advanced technology will be found in Corewards in the near future.

An supernova has been detected originating from just beyond the Transpiral Periphery. The rare event has created ripples in the subspace of the nearby stars. Nobody has reported any tangible ramifications but this is the first supernova in the current age of the Peripheries so esoteric scientists are excited by the prospect of grants to study the relatively nearby phenomena.
***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Wimbles Crisis Solved ***

The Wimble Crisis of 217 has come to an end with the human Baron making way to the wimble Grandfather Paden Mastaak. Celebrations were held in Wimbledon upon the news with crack teams of Wimble security staff guarding all the pies.

It’s unclear how long the Wimbles will enjoy this new era of peace and self-determination.

Vocal Wimble Dinasha, one of Paden’s early backers, has chosen this precarious moment to bait Dewiek, Flagritz and humans who were initially disposed to be friendly to the new administration. Whilst the Wimbles' history with the former-slave-loving Flagritz could be understood, their animosity towards the Dewiek and humans was more mysterious. One insider alluded to a rise in the number of cases of foot-and-mouth across the herd as being a likely cause.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * Storm in a Teacup *** Yahn Bares All * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door ***

The stargates are closed! Reports from multiple sources indicate at least three of the stargates, all within Dewiek controlled systems, have been closed.

Two different sources have indicated that the TCA have been spotted recently in a number of systems and may be behind this turn of events. A scan sent to the SSS indicated eight TCA ships were recently spotted first in the Faery system and later near the Kasmer stargate.

Another source, suspiciously put the blame on the ARC, suggesting the ARC and DEN were working together because they “need to trap [the TCA] and try and finish them off after the DEN bodged their operation to protect the ARC while they incinerated the MEK homeworld, which ended up with several ARC ships being destroyed and the job only being half done."

However, with no public statement from the Dewiek themselves, its hard to know whether these rumours are reliable.

Lord Igor of the Dominion and Erasmus Andersen of the Garcia Family both offered public apologies at the delay in meeting their trade commitments because of the recent closures. The not-so-subtle subtext being that someone will pay with blood for this interference in their business. Or at least with a stealthy price rise.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * Wimble Civil Strife * Who Sniffs the Sniffers? * Largin’ It * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Videtis quantum scelus contra rem publicam vobis nuntiatum sit? ***

The Flagritz Empire is no more! The Flagritz Republic is reborn! Quick on the heel of the collapse of the Empire, the Fessin caste declared a new era of foreign and economic policy with a rapid withdrawal behind the Black Gate.

The new ecologically-friendly Prime Minister Kayxaer, asked for patience as “economic” reforms were undertaken. It remains to be seen whether there will be any price to pay for the dramatic changes being made by the reclusive Flagritzi or whether it will all be sunshine and rainbows going forward.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * Large at Large * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Bravo for Freedom ***

Naplian Forces have attacked three human pirate outposts in the Morroglyph system. A spokesperson for Naplia HQ told the press that the plucky duct-tape loving free people would continue their war against slavers and pirates in their home periphery.

One salty Naplian libertarian told the SSS, “The people of the Naplian Home Periphery are sick and tired of human criminals coming here just because their homeworld is an overcrowded hell. It’s time for them to go back home.”

Inside this issue of the SSS: * Igor of Fang and Horns * Admiral Loves Dick Turpin * &etc


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Ultimately, I think it is a combination of automation (that allows the game to handle thousands of positions to interact on a daily basis) coupled with Special Actions (that allow the story arc to develop in a way that could not be catered for by a set of predefined list of available orders).